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Recently, BJP’s Gujarat wing shared a video where a grocery store owner’s assistant says, “Yuvraj has come”.

After the Election Commission (EC) barred the ruling BJP from using the word “Pappu” – in any election campaigning advertisement for the upcoming Gujarat assembly elections – now another video promoted  by the saffron party refers Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi as “yuvraj”.

Reportedly, with a clearance from the EC, the Gujarat BJP posted the new video on its Facebook page on Wednesday – targeting the Gandhi using the word “yuvraj” (prince).

However, the saffron party did not clarify whether the advertisement was the same one where EC prohibited the party from using the word “pappu”. Responding to the query, BJP spokesperson Harshad Patel said, “I am not aware whether the advertisement released was the same one or not.”

Though the EC barred BJP from using the word “pappu” in advertisement, BJP leaders and supporters had also been calling the Vice president in social media slurs – like “yuvraj” or “shahzada”.

Incidentally, Rahul Gandhi has used the term “Shah-zada” (son of shah) for BJP president Amit Shah’s son, Jay Shah after reports of his business growing exponentially since the Narendra Modi government came to power.

In its recent post on Facebook, BJP’s Gujarat wing shared a 49-second video, in which a grocery store was portrayed – where the shop owner’s assistant says, “Yuvraj has come”. The video also depicts the shop owner’s wife stating that she wil only vote for Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Though no “yuvraj” was seen in the video, the shop owner was seen claiming that he is ready to give him any grocery item he wants but can’t afford to cast his vote for him – since his shop was purportedly burnt in a riot during the Congress regime.

Ahead of the upcoming Gujarat assembly polls, both BJP and Congress took to social media to hit out at each other through mocking advertisements. Earlier, the EC had banned the use of the word ‘pappu’ in any political ads. Usually, BJP leaders and Congress opposition use the word ‘pappu’ to refer to Rahul Gandhi.

Following a recent ad – which had the inclusion of the word pappu – EC called the promotion “derogatory” – though the saffron party defended, claiming that the script of the ad did not intend to link any individual?

“Before making any election-related advertisement, we have to submit a script to the committee to get a certificate. However, they raised objection to the word Pappu, saying it is derogatory. They asked us to remove or replace it,” said a senior BJP leader.

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