In a move to make immigration hassle-free for Indian air travelers, filling up of departure cards at airports has been discontinued by the ministry of external affairs.

From July 1, departure cards, in which outbound passengers had to fill in flight information, address, boarding, date of birth, among other details will no longer be mandatory for Indian passengers at all international airports across the country.

However, international travelers going via rail, road and seaport will have to fill the embarkation card.

“Passengers do not have to waste time near the check-in counters or near the immigration counters trying to fill up the details in the departure cards issued by the bureau of immigration. Since a passenger’s credentials and travel details are now available in the system from other sources, there is no need for duplication,” Times of India quoted a sources in the immigration department as saying.

Government is continuously identifying and doing away with redundant formalities at airports to ensure breeze through experience for Indian passengers.

In 2014, filling up of arrival card by Indians was discontinued. Last year the customs department had done away with the need for Indian passengers to fill up a declaration form while coming to India if they were not carrying dutiable goods.

The practice of tagging and stamping domestic passengers’ hand baggage is also being done away with.