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Doctors examine your facial traits to identify whether there is something wrong with you. The most important aspect of treatment is a timely identification of the illness. Here are some facial signs that may reveal there is something wrong with your body.

Dry Lips

If your lips are constantly peeling off it is a sign that there is something wrong with your health. Dry lips and skin simply point towards dehydration, but sometimes it may also imply that you should get checked for hypothyroidism and even diabetes.

Unwanted hair on the face

If you notice unwanted or excess hair growth on your chin, upper lip, even the jaw line then it is an indicator that there may be hormonal imbalance in your body. Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal disorder which affects women and creates problem in pregnancy.

Pale Complexion

Notice if there are any changes in the colour of your skin or if your complexion has turned pale. A pale yellow skin could be a sign of anaemia.

New Moles

Some people consider moles as a sign of beauty and these are usually not a cause for worry. But new moles should be checked by your doctor, to find out any abnormalities. Also look for any changes in existing moles, including border, colour, bleeding or even itching.


Facial rashes could number of disorders such as digestive problems. For example, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) which affects the large intestine can also cause your skin to flare up.

Eye bags

Eyes are considered the most attractive part of the body. Eye bags and puffiness are not only beauty concerns but they can also signify that there is something wrong with your overall health. You might have some chronic allergies if your eyes look tired and puffy.

Hair loss

Everyone loves to have long, beautiful, shiny and thick hair. Healthy hair makes you look attractive and confident. But hair loss in one of the most common problems among people these days. If you are losing hair from your eyebrows and eyelashes as well, you should be warned. Apart from extreme stress, an autoimmune disorder might be responsible for this. Alopecia areata is a disease in which hair follicles are damaged by the immune system.

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