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Mushrooms have different shapes, sizes and colours. They are kept in the category of vegetables but, they are not technically a plant. They belong to the fungi kingdom.

Almost every ancient civilization around the globe has used mushrooms for their healing properties for thousands of years.

Poisonous mushrooms can be hard to identify in the wild, so you should always buy from a reliable grocery store or market.

Mushrooms are packed with nutrients that are very beneficial for health. They provide a tasty treat to your taste buds as well.

They are infused with important nutrients such as B vitamins, selenium, potassium, copper, and vitamin D.

Here are some amazing health benefits of mushrooms.

Combats breast cancer

These light weighted delicious fungi have unique cancer-fighting powers. Mushrooms contain linoleic acids that have anti-carcinogenic properties. Linoleic acids have the ability to balance the estrogen level in the body. After menopause, estrogen may increase, which causes high risk of breast cancer in women.

Immunity booster

Regular consumption of mushrooms helps in boosting immunity by improving the function of immune system.

Mushrooms contain mineral called selenium that is not present in most fruits and vegetables. Selenium improves immune response to infection by stimulating the production of killer T-cells.

Mushrooms also contain beta-glucan fibers that are present in its cell wall. These fibers stimulate the immune system to fight cancer cells and prevent tumours from forming.

Keeps diabetes at bay

Consumption of mushrooms can help to prevent diabetes because it has low carbohydrates, no fat, and no cholesterol. They are rich in protein content, vitamins and minerals. It also contains antibiotic properties that can help in preventing diabetes.

Treats anemia

Iron deficiency in blood can lead to anemia that causes fatigue, headaches, and digestive issues. Mushrooms are a good source of iron, and over 90% of the nutritive iron value in mushrooms can be absorbed by the body. This promotes the formation of red blood cells and helps in combating anemia.

Improves bone health

Mushrooms are infused with calcium which is an essential nutrient that helps in strengthening bones. Deficiency of calcium in diet can cause osteoporosis, joint pain, and lack of mobility.

Adding mushrooms in diet can fulfil the need of calcium and protect the bone health.

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