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Holi is the festival of vibrant colours, laughter, happiness and positivity.  Every one of us is eagerly waiting to celebrate the joyous and colourful festival. But at the same time, we worry about our skin and hair too. The harmful chemical in the colours and sun makes our skin and hair dry and dull. They cause several problems such as skin and scalp irritation, rashes, burning and redness.

But now no need to worry about these problems because here are some pre and post Holi tips that will protect you from the ill effects of colours. 

Pre- Holi Skincare and Hair care tips

  • Apply almond oil, coconut oil or olive oil on your whole body 30 minutes before you plan to go out for playing Holi. Oiling the skin prevent will colours from sticking to the body, and make it easier to rinse off the colours.
  • Don’t forget to apply an SPF 50+ sunscreen to prevent your skin from harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. Apply the sunscreen especially on the areas that directly exposed to the sun.
  • Our hair gets damage during Holi. To protect hair from damage apply oil on your hair and scalp night before Hoil. Properly massage your hair from routes to tips with coconut nut oil, olive oil or any other hair oil you use and leave it on your scalp for a whole night. This will allow your scalp to hold on moisture and the colour will not stick on your scalp.
  • Wear full sleeves and long length clothes before going out to enjoy the colour splashes.
  • Don’t forget to protect your nails as that is where colours can settle and even enter your digestive system when you eat with your hand. Save your nails from colours by keeping them short and paint it with dark nail polish.
  • Don’t ignore your lips and apply lip balm that contains SPF it will protect your lips from sun damage and colour damage too. 

Post- Holi Skincare and Hair care tips

  • First, dust the colours from your face and body and then wash your face with plenty of plain water. Use cleansing milk to wipe off colours. Then take a bath with normal water and soap.
  • You can also make a face mask with gram flour, curd, turmeric, and rose water to remove stubborn colours that remain on your body after bath.
  • Once you are done with playing Holi, first dust off the colours from your hair by using cotton cloth and comb. After that wash your hair with plenty of plain water and then massage your scalp properly with shampoo. Rinse off the shampoo and use conditioner and leave it for 2 minutes then wash it off.
  • Let your hair dry a bit and then apply your regular hair serum.
  • To remove colours from your nails just dip a cotton ball in the nail paint remover and remove the nail polish with it. After removing nail pain you can also apply few drops of oil on your nail to make it moisturised.
  • Apply petroleum jelly on your lips to remove the colours.


  • Try to use herbal and organic colours.
  • Avoid applying heavy make-up, facial, waxing, cleanup or any kind of salon treatment for few days after Holi otherwise it may cause skin allergy, rashes or other skin problems.
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