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As soon as the baby comes at our home, the whole environment becomes joyous and jolly. If the baby is born in winter it is the responsibility of every member of the family to take extra care of the newborn.

Winter winds bring virus and disease along with it. They are very harmful to the baby’s health. Proper protection and care are required to keep your baby safe and healthy when the wind is cold and freeze outside.

Here are tips that will help you in keeping your tiny tot healthy.

Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer

We all know that cold and flu become uninvited guests in winter and can come anytime to meet our baby. To keep these uninvited guests away from your cutie pie you need to wash your hands regularly and properly.

If washing hands, again and again, is not possible in winter then don’t forget to keep hand sanitizer in your baby’s room. So, that everyone should clean their hands before touching the baby.

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By doing this you can keep your kid safe from virus and flu.

Breastfeed your newborn baby

Breastfeeding your newborn is the best way to boost his/ her immunity. It will keep the cold and infections away from your baby. Try to breastfeed your baby for the first six months.

Maintain warmth temperature

Maintain the temperature of your baby’s room and your home as well. Close the windows when the cold wind is blowing outside especially at night.

Massage your baby well

No matter in which season your baby is born, proper massage is important to improve the blood flow and immunity levels of your kid. It will strengthen the bones and muscles of your baby strong.

Don’t use a lot of products

The cold and dry weather removes moisture from the skin. Your baby is extremely soft and sensitive skin. Therefore, avoid over-using baby products like baby soaps, shampoos, and body washes during winters. These products may cause rashes on your baby’s body because of severe dryness.

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Give your baby a simple water bath on a regular basis instead. You may choose to use mild baby soap once a week.

Use humidifier

During winter days you may need a heater for your baby’s room. If you are using one, also use a humidifier. The humidifier will maintain the humidity levels in the room and prevent your newborn’s skin from getting dry.

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