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Panellists feel that political leaders talk of the common man, but their goal is only power

The Bharat bandh called by the Congress-led Opposition parties to protest against rising petrol and diesel prices allegedly led to the death of a two-year-old girl. She died on way to hospital as the roads were jammed. The BJP slammed the “politics of violence”.

Mudda anchorperson Akshay Gaur spoke to panellists including BJP’s Ashok Thakur, NCP’s Dr Seema Malik, Congress’s Rajkumar Mishra, SP’s Dr Roli Mishra, RJD’s Manoj Pandey and APN consultant Govind Pant Raju on the issue.

Rajkumar Mishra said: “During the time of notebandi hundreds of people were in lines, and many died. If people die in a bandh, you should see it’s a struggle for everyone’s good. How is the Congress responsible for any deaths or casualties?”

Malik said: “We are doing peaceful stir. We don’t encourage any violence.”

Raju said: “This stir was supposed to be non-violent. This responsibility should be taken up by the Congress.”

Pandey said: “Rising petrol and diesel prices is disturbing. Common man is suffering.”

Roli Mishra said: “People are full of anger. Prices are rising. It is unfortunate that the girl died.”

Akshay then asked Thakur that if the prices had not gone up, there would have been no stir, no violence and no death. Thakur said: “Prices rise due to a combination of various factors. Congress people have forgotten the ideals of Gandhi and Nehru, goonda gardi is on the rise. “

Malik said: “Excise duty and VAT should be brought down, they should come under GST. Excise duty has gone up nine times.”

Raju said: “Political leaders talk of the common man, but their goal is not the common man but power.”

Pandey said: “PM loves to say his mann ki baat. Why doesn’t he say what he’s going to do to stop rising prices?  This is a jumla ki sarkar. “

Roli Mishra said: “We have been doing dharnas and protest to ensure that the government fine-tunes its policies to pacify the common man. It is not our aim to only do hungama (create noise). Let’s have some positive action now.”

Thakur said: “GST decisions have been taken after talking to all parties. How can you now blame the BJP? These leaders say something else to us, and say something else when they talk outside.”

Rajkumar Mishra said: “This is not the first time there has been bharat bandh. It is going to happen in future also. Don’t just zero down on us for that.”

Roli Mishra said: “People are on the streets, This government is useless. Diesel and petrol affect all-round prices. We are not going to sop this stir. Government needs to tell us why Excise duty has repeatedly gone up. However, I support inquiry against all violent incidents that occurred during the stir.”

Thakur said:”Inquiry is definitely going to be started against those guilty of inciting violence.”

—Compiled by Niti Singh Bhandari

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