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Panelists feel that as poll fever catches on, mudslinging is bound to rise

Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi has attacked the two-year-old Yogi government asking where is 56-inch’s promised employment generation programme? Yogi, on the other hand, said development, law and order and social security are much better today.Anchorperson Vandana posed questions to panelists on Yogi government’s completion of two years. The panellists included Congress’sAjay Verma, BJP’s Naveen Shrivastava, PSPL’s Dilip Yadav, SP’s Richa Singh, and APN consultant Govind Pant Raju.

Verma said: “It’s poll fever, so the government is saying anything. They should at least not be telling lies. Corruption and goonda raj are rampant in UP. Unemployment is high, factories have shut down. I don’t see development happening in UP.”

Shrivastava said: “The Congress representative is talking in air. They have never visited villages or small towns to see what changes have taken place, how many villages had electricity and how many have it now. Homes that had coal chulhas now cook on gas. Isn’t this development? Look at Navami Ganga Yojana, how many people bathed in Kumbh in clean waters.”

Singh said: “NHRC and Supreme Court have lambasted the state government on fake encounters. I come from Allahabad, that’s a seat of learning, and you should see how many educated are languishing and committing suicides there.”

Raju said: “It’s a bitter truth that parties always find faults with the ruling dispensation. Earlier, jobs were given on caste basis–this has been stated by the Supreme Court. Yogi is doing the same, making sweeping statements like there have been no abductions or acid attacks. We all know that’s not true and his claims are questionable. There is a lot of gap between government claims and the ground reality.”

Dilip Yadav said: “I come from Allahabad and the whole town is full of potholes. They have thrown money for Kumbh but toilet facilities are bad. Farmers are still waiting to see their promises fulfilled.”

Vandana asked Shrivasatav on Priyanka’s UP tour. Shrivastava said: “Even Congress leaders know that Rahul is not the leader they want and so they have been raving about Priyanka. It is because of Modi’s swachhta’s abhiyan that Priyanka has been moving about so comfortably in boats.”

Verma said: “BJP has been talking loose about our leaders. They don’t know how to respect women. Government has failed on various fronts, price rise, unemployment, Nirav Modi issue and so on.”

Raju said: “Congress leaders are far from reality. Its candidates are not doing any work on ground, and yet the party has not revised its lists. Priyanka has had to cancel meetings at the last minute due to this. Congress’s organisational structure is weak. Priyanka is new to politics. She is at a senior position only because of her family. She takes a boat ride and Congress feels that there will be change because of that. That’s not the reality”

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