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The five-state assembly election was considered as the semifinal of the 2019 Lok Sabha Election and as the result showed Congress winning in three states: Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh, a big loss to BJP and a glorious victory for Congress supporters.

With the victory in recent assembly election Congress has made it clear to the BJP Govt. that it is not that much easy to make India ‘Congress-Mukt Bharat’.

Well, this victory of Congress in assembly elections has boosted their morale for 2019 Lok Sabha election, but how much of this will affect 2019 election is a big question and to get the answers, APN News, in its special show Mudda has took this question to a debate with Anchor person Anant Tyagi alongwith Dushyant Kumar (Congress leader), APN consultant Govind Pant Raju, Vinay Kumar Singh (SP leader) Afzal Abbas (JD-U leader) Arun Mishra NCP leader and Anand Sahu (BJP leader)

Dushyant Kumar was given the first chance to speak, and the leader said “It’s a big victory to Congress, we have defeated BJP in their province itself, they were challenging for the victory in Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan, but failed to perform finally”

Vinay Kumar Singh was the second to speak and said “BJP has lost the assembly election in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh due to their false promises and cast-based politics”

Dushyant Kumar answering about Akhilesh Yadav’s contribution said “This victory is the result of the hard work and efforts of Congress President Rahul Gandhi and as far as Akhilesh Yadav’s contribution is considered then, it cannot be denied that he supported Congress and the party is thankful to him”

Afzal Abbas congratulated Congress President Rahul Gandhi and his supporters for the victory and said “As far as 2019 Lok Sabha election is considered then I would like to mention that state assembly election is a different thing and 2019 election is somehow different. But no doubt the Congress victory in three states is a big success and it gives them a greater hope for the 2019 election”

Govind Pant Raju expressing his opinion about the assembly elections result impact on 2019 election said “One thing is clear with this victory and that is, the Congress party will now contest 2019 election with a boosted morale, but they will have to give BJP a tougher fight”

Arun Mishra congratulated Congress party for the glorious victory and said “Public is now realizing that the saffron party, BJP is making false promises and the assembly election result is a proof of the same. He also added that “Pappu pass ho gaya, Feku fail ho gaya”.

Dushyant Kumar shared his opinion over ‘Maha Gatbandhan’ and said “Congress is always in favour of coalition but wants the parties to contest under Rahul Gandhi’s leadership”

Vinay Kumar Singh also shared somehow similar opinion and said “It’s very necessary for all the parties to come together and contest 2019 election against BJP government”

BJP leader Anand Sahu said “The party needs to study the mindset of the voters and needs to understand the reason behind the defeat in assembly elections”

After hearing to all the parties it can be concluded that the result of state assembly election has boosted Congress morale and now the party hopes the similar for the 2019 election. It is also come to known that parties share somehow similar opinion as far as the contest against BJP is considered.

Compiled by-Dhiraj Kumar


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