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Panelists feel that the government must back its claims with fact and figures

Growing unemployment is turning out to be a huge challenge, and will be a crucial issue in the forthcoming polls. APN’s popular debate Mudda discussed the issue. Anchorperson Anant posed the questions to panelists, including the SP’s Vivek Silas, Congress’s Saif Khan, BJP’s Virendra Pratap Solanki, NCPs Mahesh Chakran, political expert Piyush Pant and APN consultant Govind Pant Raju.

Solanki said: “The country is progressing. You can notice that in any rural spot if the country. Government figures can only be put out if someone puts in an RTI.”

Pant said: “The Vajpayee government had this Shining India slogan, and the BJP is still maintaining an artificial and fake image. It is playing with figures, giving a false impression of progress. Unemployment is huge. The government knows it has not been able to generate employment. It is all fraud, especially the supposed feel-good factor in rural India that the government is claiming.”

Silas said : “I agree with Pant that in 2004 India Shining Campaign was actually just hogwash. We all know that the government is manipulating facts. Amitabh Kant says employment is there, but not good enough bobs. What kind of statement is this? The BJP does not have the capacity. In Global Hunger Index we are going down. Farmers need to get better remuneration for a better employment figures.”

Raju said: “There must be some reason why the government is not declaring employment figures. Of course, the opposition is asking, but government is mum. Still it will be unfair to say that only the current government is responsible for this mess. Employment means jobs. States also have a role in this. Moreover, unemployment figures, in the last few years have gone up also because the youth population has gone up and will go up. New voters are indicative of that.”

Chakran said: “We are close to Nigeria in global GDP. If GDP is high, as the government claims so, then where is the revenue? Debts are mounting. Why has the government tax revenue not gone up? If GDP has really gone up, why not employment? Why don’t GDP figures match with ground reality?”

Solanki said: “There is no stain on the government. It has been committed to development. Middle class want health, electricity, jobs. But jobs mean more that government jobs.”

Khan said: “We don’t talk in air. As per Labour Bureau, during the UPA regime, unemp-loyment ratio was 3.6 percent; now it is around 7. Three-fourths youth are unemployed today. Since 2014, tax collection has been same. Only one out of five people can find jobs today.”

Solanki said: “Isn’t the population rising too? We have made huge progress, the nation understands that. Those who go to cast vote think differently than these naysayers.”

Silas said: “The BJP has this habit of blaming it all on earlier regimes, it keep on repeating last 60 years and so on. They are only making false promises.”

Khan said: “Agriculture growth rate is 2.5 percent, at our time it was 5.5 percent.”

Raju said: “In the Congress’s time, many ministers were facing graft charges, corruption was high, so people wanted to remove the Congress government. Now each person wants education, health and job… right now the issue is that.”

Pant said: “This government has given importance to Defence and army, budget allocations have gone up.”

Khan said: “But terrorism is up in the Valley, jawans are dying. “

Chakran said: “The government had promised a lot. Earlier, Rafale jets were supposed to be 126, now we are told they will be much less. Where are the contract papers? They had talked of banishing black money, and Rs 15 lakh to be put in every account…Where’s all that?”

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