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Panelists suggest that Rahul Gandhi should look for the right team of advisers

The Oppositions is in disarray. SP-BSP tie-up is over, RJD had a poor show, Congress president Rahul Gandhi is bent on quitting, and so on. APN’s popular debate Mudda discussed the Opposition predicament. Anchorperson Akshay posed the questions to panelists, including the Congress’s Sanjeev Singh, BJP’s Amit Puri, PSPL’s Farhat Raes Khan, noted scribe Anupam Mishra and APN consultant Govind Pant Raju.

Mishra said: “The BJP is already planning ahead, for the next 50 years. In comparison, look at the opposition. SP and BSP have parted ways, the parties look ill-prepared to face regional polls, Congress’ presidentship has become an issue. These parties look like bent on queering their own pitch.”

Singh said: “Rahul worked really hard, but the media played its role, and the mudda shifted to Modi. If SP-BSP had any real mudda, their pact would have continued. It is true the opposition parties have to get their act together. Priyanka Gandhi should play a role in a big way. We accept people’s decision. Congress had a decisive manifesto, but a large part of the media played into Modi’s hands.”

Khan said:”Congress is looking confused. When BJP came to power, it organised many small agitations, that brought it into the spotlight.”

Puri said: “The quality of opposition also matters. We have been in a minority in the past, and have made an impact even with few numbers. They have to look inwards.”

Raju said: “Opposition is spread over regional areas. In WB, there’s TMC, in the south, regional parties have a presence. Congress may blame the media on its loss in Lok Sabha, but that is speaking a loser’s language. Mayawati has always been indulging in her own style of politics. Now she is leaning towards family. At every level, Mayawati has shown to be more impactful than Akhilesh.”

Mishra said:”Who is responsible for Modi’s victory? The mudda became Congress by the slogan ‘Chowkidar chor hai’.  The spotlight then shifted to Modi. After the results, Congress raked Rafale, but to what effect? After losing the election, that was not the right thing to do. There is a Catch 22 situation before the Congress. Rahul Gandhi needs to reorient himself. Rahul’s team is not taking him to the right path, but he still sticks to his team.”

Singh said:”Opposition should have quality. Congress has enough such leaders. Rafale is definitely an issue in the country.  A section of the media has been simply towing Modi’s line.”

Khan said:”We need to have an andolan. All parties should be doing so, that would help the Opposition to make an impact.”

Puri said: “If Rahul decides he will not be president, no one can force him. Haven’t we seen him flying paper planes in parliament, winking is such a casual manner? He needs to reorient himself.”

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