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Panelists say that the mental health of the constabulary also needs to be addressed

APN’s popular debate Mudda discussed the issue of police reforms, the lax law and order situation, issues involving the constabulary, and so on. Anchorperson Akshay posed the questions to panelists including BJP’s Subhash Bartwal, social worker Sujata Paul, PSPL’s Farhat Raees Khan, noted scribe Utkarsh Sinha and APN consultant Govind Pant Raju.

Sinha said: “There is a huge pressure on the police force. In states like UP, caste politics also plays its damning role.”

Raju said: “UP is a big state, and there are too many vacancies in the police force, that leads to pressure.  Also every year one hears of cheating in state exams. All this affects the morale. More police schemes are needed.”

Khan said: “Yojanas are there, Chief Minister Yogi needs to prioritise. BJP has been given the mandate, it should perform now.”

Paul said: “Women live in fear. This government is answerable. In rape cases, is the police also not in any way responsible? When the political class gets more responsible, all departments will be streamlined. What kind of police do we have? There should be no gap in declaration and ground reality.”

Sinha said: “In some many cases, the shooter is in close contact with the cops.”

Raju said: “Supreme Court has given directions from time-to-time, and if the governments ignore these directions, it is an insult to the Court and also to the common man who has reposed faith in their representatives. Yogi government promised police reforms, but nothing much has changed. Government’s firm directions should go a long way in straightening up the loopholes, but it seems that no firm directive is coming from the top. More police training schools are needed.”

Sinha said: “Well-designed police reforms are needed. There is the issue of the constabulary’s mental health, ground level cops living far away from families, poor living conditions and so on. The Yogi has given some money for police accommodation so that the youth feel attracted to the force. This issue needs to be addressed as well.”

Raju said: “Mental health of the constabulary is a big issue and needs to be addressed on a big scale…their leaves, family life, odd timings, pressure of work, all this has an overall effect. Police reforms at the ground level, better pay and perks are needed. Till the ground staff is taken care of, big change will not happen.”

Bartwal said: “In the coming days, rest assured lot of changes are going to be introduced.”

Akshay raised the issue of VIP culture.

Paul said: “So many cops with one VIP, this is a common scene. When the common man suffers, he is bound to protest. We should be looking at the root cause. How will the police work if they have so much pressure? Officers also transfer VIP pressure on them, lower level staff end up having poor working conditions. We need to look at all these issues cohesively so that the police force actually comes out to help us like friends.”

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