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Aleppo also witnessing army operations and rebel violence

Despite the announcement of closing the battle with Daesh (IS) and other terrorist groups, reports are still coming in about the sudden attacks from both the sides. Damascus suburb Eastern Ghouta, not very far from the international airport has witnessed 179 deaths in two weeks due to alleged bombings by Russian and Syrian jets. This was claimed by London based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR).

The SOHR, the group claims of having various sources of information within the country has reported that Government forces backed by Russian warplanes began a campaign to take the rebel-held district on December 29. The attacks were undertaken by mainly on artillery barrages and air attacks. The  latest casualties include 51 children and 38 women.

Qatar based Aljazeera, which has got history of supporting Bashar al-Assad’s opposition since the beginning of the crisis, reports that Syrian activists on social media have been posting images said to be from Eastern Ghouta, showing  children being pulled out dead or heavily wounded from mounds of rubble.

However, it has not independently verified the images or figures. Eastern Ghouta, has been under siege by pro-government forces since 2013. The initial disturbances were witnessed in this area in early 2011.

Sources in Damascus say that rebels and terrorists were still holed up in Ghouta, situated not very far from Set Zainab, seat of mausoleum of Imam Hussein’s sister Zainab, which is secured by Lebanon’s Hezbollah fighters.

In November last year the UN Special Envoy for Syria, Jan Egeland called the situation in the area a “man-made disaster”. He also warned that many of its residents were “acutely malnourished” facing death. The long term siege has led to a major humanitarian crisis in the area.

Meanwhile, government forces were engaged in an offensive in the northern province of Idlib where over 280,000 fighters were gathered from different lost pockets. Militants and rebels from Aleppo, Deir-ez-Zaour, Raqqa  and surrounding areas were transported to this area.

Aljazeera reported on Sunday of a missile crashing near civilians in Idlib province at a makeshift camp established for displaces people from Hama. The attack was recorded by Aljazeera network crew.

According to official news agency SANA report on Saturday, Syrian Army units in cooperation with allied forces has seized control of new villages, reaching the number up to 15,  and areas in southern Aleppo countryside, eliminating the last gatherings and fortified positions of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist organisation and its linked groups.

At the same there are signs of resistance from the terror groups as well. Another SANA report, said on Saturday that terrorists fired three rocket shells at the al-Sabeel and al-Mogambo neighbourhood in Aleppo, damaging a number of houses, cars and shops.

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