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Of all the promises AAP had made dring the 2015 elections, it had not fulfilled more than 90 per cent of the promises. The AamAadmiParty, tried to make themselves look different and better than the other parties because they were a party that was not lead by regular politicians. But as you all have seen, the promises made by them has just been mere words and nothing else.

They had criticised all the other parties, but what had they done? They have failed to do anything different and has just exploited the power that they had acquired. All the things that they have sworn not to do are being done and that too, without any explanations.

The AAP government promised to introduce 3000 new DTC buses and 1000 electric buses. The latter has still not been introduced and are set to be rolled out in 2020, 5 years after they were promised.

All promises to introduce new policies to decrease pollution has been just a bait. The odd-even rule was too short-lived and failed to fulfil its only purpose. We all know how it backfired, and rather than being a well-thought plan to lower pollution levels, it just created a lot of havoc for the general public. Other than that their promise to fight against corruption has also been just a way to attract people. I am sure all of us have heard of the rumored corruption in their environment department.

The environment minister was supposed to execute and improve the tree plantation drive, but apparently, he is not interested in that either. Crores of money that had been collected for the welfare of people has just been spent on publicity and nothing else. Even if a small portion of the funds were spent on effective improvement of the environment, it would have worked wonders. You yourself can see the condition of the green cover of Delhi. See for yourself if there has been any improvement at all.

-Richa Pandey Mishra, Political Expert

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