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According to a study, 74% of Indians are suffering from Stress while 88% from Anxiety

which can lead to constant sadness, social isolation, lack of interest in life, disturbed sleep cycle and several other complications

Opines Dr. K. M. Saifullah, Chief Medical Director of Naturoveda

As per a study conducted by The Center of Healing (TCOH), Delhi, stress and anxiety levels among Indians have been increased to 74% and 88%, respectively. In this fast-paced world, psychological disorders like stress and anxiety are becoming very common. Conflict with loved ones, death or loss of someone close, heavy workload, a family history of psychological issues, prolonged exposure to certain medications, physical or emotional trauma, drug addiction are some top reasons behind stress and anxiety. If not treated timely, it may invite several other complications like depression, personality disorders, social isolation, drug misuse, various health issues, even suicidal thoughts and so on. 

On the occasion of World Mental Health day, Dr. K.M. Saifullah, the Chief Medical Director, Naturoveda Health World, shares 7 amazing tips to win over stress and anxiety in a natural and safe way. 

Fight Stress and Anxiety by Following These Simple Steps :

1) Eat a nutritious diet: A healthy and balanced diet helps in maintaining a sharp mind and a fit body. This comprises the right amount of carbohydrates, proteins & fats along with the inclusion of vitamins, minerals and amino acids in our daily diet. The combination of Vitamins B6, B9 & B12 enriched foods also plays a major role in lowering several mental disorders by promoting wellness, improving sleep and elevating the mood. These vitamins can be found in foods such as leafy green vegetables, legumes, milk, eggs, fish, citrus fruits and nuts.

2)  Be physically active: Regular exercise is an easy way to burst your stress. Studies have proven that exercise helps to lower the level of the stress hormone “cortisol”. This happens because during exercise, the body releases endorphins that lift the mood and drive away anxiety. Exercising for 45 minutes a day, 5 days a week is ideal.

3)  Indulge in deep-breathing exercises: Deep breathing techniques have several positive effects on our mind. They have a calming effect on the mind and simultaneously relax all the muscles from head to toe. You can practice deep, slow breathing whenever you feel the stress or at regular intervals throughout the day. 3 minutes of deep breathing every two hours is recommended.

4)  Think positive: Negative thoughts tend to make people gloomy and sad. Therefore, trying to keep negative thoughts at bay is the best way to keep panic attacks away. Focus on the things that make you happy and confident. You may start practicing positive self-talks. Identify the negative factors that trigger mental disorders and try to avoid it. You must remember that you are only responsible for your thoughts. Share your problems with your friends and family and be always prepared for the ups and downs of life.

5)  Follow routine: Anxiety makes an individual unorganized and lose track of time. Setting up a routine and following it on a regular basis gives life a purpose. Idleness leads to frustration which further gives birth to depression. Maintaining a routine will be like a guardian to keep a check on your activities. At times, you might feel like not following the routine due to various reasons. In such a situation, do not listen to yourself. This routine should be followed even in the worst situation. Trust me, it will definitely work for you.

6)  Inculcate hobbies: Understanding yourself is the best way to keep your mind happy and relaxed. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. So alongside work, every person should have a hobby to keep oneself attached during leisure time. If you do not have a hobby, cultivate one. Try different things and discover which one you enjoy the most. Adopt healthy habits like gardening, reading good books, writing journal and practicing gratitude.

7)  Maintain a sleep routine : Minimum 7 hours of sleep is essential for an adult. People suffering from stress and anxiety often find it difficult to fall asleep. Maintaining a fixed bedtime every night will help the body get adapted to feeling sleepy at that point of time every night. This will ensure that an individual will quickly fall asleep after going to bed at the allotted sleep time. Remember to avoid gadgets minimum 30 minutes before going to sleep. The blue light emitted from the gadget’s display screen reduces “melatonin” which is the sleep hormone, thus hampering sleep.

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To get a safe and long-lasting solution you must treat the condition at the earlier. Natural treatment systems like Ayurveda, Unani and Yoga have emerged as a silver lining in the treatment of chronic stress and anxiety. According to Ayurveda, keeping the Tridoshas (Vata, Pitta & Kapha) in harmony is the key to ensuring complete health. Similarly, Unani says that keeping the 4 humors (Sauda, Safra, Balgham & Dam) in balance provides disease-free life. Nabz  Shanasi (Nadi  Parikshan) has the ability to identify the fluctuations of Sauda, Safra, Balgham & Dam and Vata, Pitta, Kapha to reveal the root cause of diseases. Unfortunately, the true art of Nabz  Shanasi (Nadi Parikshan) is gradually becoming extinct. It takes time to master this intricate method of pulse-examination.

It is pertinent to mention here that Dr. K. M. Saifullah has remarkable command over Nabz Shanasi (Nadi Parikshan). He is a Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery and has acquiescence with renowned
Ayurvedic and Unani physicians.

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