Women in a remote UP village still live without basic rights and facilities, finds correspondent Anju Nirwan

International Women’s Day is marked in various ways around the world. On this day we celebrate the successes of women and also highlight the problems they face. On March 8, 2017, APN chose Tiwarimehmad Pur, a remote, poverty-stricken and neglected village near Pratapgarh in Allahabad division of Uttar Pradesh, to throw into relief the lot of women in rural India. Correspondent Anju Nirwan went to the village and met a large number of women and discussed their problems. She began talking to village head Poonam Singh, who claimed there had been “a change in attitude towards women and development.”

The special show, Aadhi Aabadi ki Aawaz, was aimed at paying tribute to women by highlighting the struggle of a section of them in a distant village.

The correspondent discussed the issues and highlighted the lack of social awareness about the rights of female children, education facilities, sanitation, healthcare facilities and road connectivity. Old women were not receiving pension while clean drinking water is still a distant dream in the village.