Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) department, Agra announced its decision to commence a 15-day campaign in which people can register their antique articles which are more than a hundred years old, according to media reports. 

The campaign will commence from September 13 and conclude on September 28. People will be allowed to make a registration for their respective articles during that time period, the report said.

“Keeping antique without registration is illegal so it’s necessary for a person who owns any antique article, to register. The aim of this objective is to make people aware that they can register their antique articles with us during these 15 days. They will be given a registration certificate and we will also maintain a proper database regarding the same,” said Basant Kumar Swarnkaar, Superintendent, ASI.

“People can get any antique article registered which is more than 100 years old, be it antique sculpture, statues, wooden article or any manuscript. These articles will be properly assessed followed by the registration process,” he added.

ASI will also put up an exhibition from September 25 to September 28 and if anyone would be interested to showcase their antiquities, their articles will be showcased in the exhibition.

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