Students have often complained about a “stale” smell but finding a snake was terrifying

Students of a girls’ school in Faridabad of Haryana were shocked to find a snake in their midday meal on Thursday. Although the food had smelled “stale”, some in the school had already consumed it before the reptile was discovered in the meal. Authorities of Rajkeeya Girls Senior Secondary School stopped serving the meal immediately and informed the police.

Some students and faculty members who had consumed the meal had vomited. Two teachers and six students who felt nauseous, were taken to hospital and discharged later.

Deputy Commissioner Sameer Pal Srow has formed a committee, headed by Faridabad Tehsildar, to conduct an examination of the kitchen and submit a report. Reports say one more committee was constituted to investigate the incident which will be led by the Additional Deputy Commissioner.

The school principal Brij Bala has alerted the Iskcon food relief foundation, responsible for providing the meal as well as higher authorities. The other schools which were also getting the same service from the organization were also alerted and asked to be vigilant.