With the increasing population and the increase in the number of vehicles traffic jam is a serious problem in metropolitan cities and the similar menace is faced by the residents of the national capital. But adding a little relief to the Delhi people the newly constructed Signature Bridge is going to kill almost half of the traffic jams at Wazirabad flyover. It was dreams come true for the people who reside nearby Wazirabad flyover.

Trafffic jams are said to be the worst thing for the people whose condition is very critical and even to those who has an urgent piece of work to be done on time. Here are some of the instances which prove that how jams can be fatal-an individual reported that “My mother was a heart patient and it took us at least an hour to get her to hospital when she fell ill. She died shortly after.”

Every fourth person has its own story over the traffic jams, so it is not wrong to say that due to jams almost everyone has lost something, may be it an opportunity of getting a job, or be it a meeting with the loved ones or the situation was something else.

Shaan, a DU student who lives in Yamuna Vihar, had an identical tale to tell. “I spend almost two hours on road daily. It’s such a relief to know that my travel time will be cut drastically.”

There are endless numbers of stories over the problems faced by the people due to jam but one thing is clear from the construction of Delhi Signature that it will surely be fruitful for the people residing in Delhi.