Four people were killed and one injured in a fire at a factory in Central Delhi’s Karol Bagh, while laundering clothes, reported PTI.

The fire broke out at 12:23 pm, when a solvent used for cleaning clothes spilled out on the floor accidently. Delhi Fire Service (DFS) official said that, the workers were about to steam iron the clothes and then pour the solvent into the container. Then suddenly by mistake the solvent spilled out on the floor and came in contact with steam iron, this caused fire.

A heavy built man who tried to escape from the exit got stuck in the door. This blocked the path and others become unable to vacate the factory, said firefighters. The fire was controlled at 12:50 pm.

The victims were identified as RM Naresh (40 years), Bagan Prasahad (55 years), Asha (40 years), Aarti (20 years). 22-year-old Ajeet, was injured and admitted to a hospital.