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Garlic is encapsulated with many benefits, it acts as a flavour booster, the aroma of roasted garlic enhances the taste of curries, pasta, etc. It is one of the favourite ingredients of every homemaker and chef. Garlic is the perfect amalgamation of taste and health benefits. We can use it as a main ingredient in many of our homemade remedies, to cure health issues. Here are some interesting health benefits of garlic.

Prevents cold and flu

If you are a regular victim of cold and flu and fed up of taking medicines that make you feel sleepy all day long. It’s time to say goodbye to those medicines and flu, all you need to do is just head towards your kitchen and pick the most common ingredient (garlic) to fight from your stubborn cold and flu. Add few cloves of garlic in your soup, curry or make a hot and aromatic garlic tea with some ginger and honey to lift up the taste. You can eat raw garlic as well; eating garlic regularly will not let you feel uneasy due to cold again and again.

Immunity Booster

Garlic has some special anti-biotic properties that help your immune system to stay strong and prevent your body from illness and disease. It cures cold and flu, and fungal and parasitic infections.

Purifies blood

Are you fed up of hiding your acne with makeup every morning? If yes, then don’t do temporary treatment for your frequent problem. Try something that will cure your acne permanently in a cost-effective manner. Just take two cloves of raw garlic with warm water every morning and drink a lot of water throughout the day. This will help you to cleanse your system and flush out toxins. By doing this your blood will be purified and that ugly acne stays away from your beautiful face forever.

Reduces blood pressure and prevent heart disease

A person suffering from high blood pressure and heart disease can consume three to four cloves of raw or semi-cooked garlic every day this will maintain the blood pressure and blood sugar level and will help the patient to stay healthy.

Keeps bone health

Consuming garlic every day can minimise bone loss and can prevent osteoporosis. It is more helpful for women in keeping their bone healthy and strong. Garlic can be consumed raw as well as few drop of garlic oil is enough to treat bone-related issues.

Side effects

Everything has its flip side, so as garlic. Along with many health benefits, garlic has some side effects as well, if not consumed properly. Its excessive consumption might cause rashes and irritation in the stomach lining and case gastritis issues.

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