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Hindi Diwas: More than 90% population in 12 states speak Hindi

Hindi is the fourth most spoken language in the world after English, Spanish and Mandarin. Not only India, people who speak and write Hindi will be found from Fiji to South Africa. However, the largest gathering of Hindi speakers exist in India and most of this population belongs to North India.

Hindi was found to be the first language of about 43.63% population of India and it was 10 years ago. Out of 125 crore people of the country, about 53 crore people considered Hindi as their mother tongue.

As per the last census data, only 6% increment was found in Hindi speaking people between 1971 to 2011 while the number of people who knew other languages ​​were declined in that period of time. However, it was in every decade.

The people who know Hindi grew at an average rate of 1.5%. Considering the pace, the number of Hindi speakers would have increased to about 8 million at this point of time and around 54 crore Indians should speak Hindi.

The state-wise linguistic data of the last census suggest that more than 90% of the total Hindi-speaking population is in 12 states. The Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh are at the top in the list. Rajasthan (89%), Chhattisgarh (83%), Bihar (77.52%) and Jharkhand (61.94%) are the next four states with a significant number of Hindi speakers.

However, the influence of Hindi is minimal in most of the states in Northeast India and the coastal regions. Punjab (9.35%) and Jammu and Kashmir (20.8%) also have a small number of Hindi speakers.

The Majority Indian population believed that Hindi is a major language in Central India. However, the figures are surprising, as only 12 states in the country have chosen Hindi as their main language. Not only this, a small number of people in Gujarat in western India and Maharashtra in central India also speak Hindi as their first language.

The number of Hindi speakers in Gujarat is a little more than 7% of the state’s population. At the same time, in Maharashtra this number is close to 12%. On the other hand, West Bengal (6.96%), Goa (10.28%) and Assam (6.73%) also have very less number of people marking Hindi as their first language.

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The lowest number of people using Hindi as a first language in India are in South India and Northeast India. Only 0.2% of the people in Lakshadweep speak Hindi. At the same time, 0.51% in Puducherry, 0.54% in Tamil Nadu and 0.15% in Kerala consider Hindi as their first language.

Apart from this, only 3.29% in Karnataka, 3.6% of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana together use Hindi as a colloquial language. In the eastern state of Odisha, only 2.95% people are Hindi speakers.

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