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How to get strong and healthy nails? Here are some dos and dont’s

Fingernails are considered a sign of beauty for people. But do we really know that how healthy our nails are? Well, if you have witnessed ridges, dents and discolouration in your Fingernails then that means they are not in good condition. Our nails are basically coated with many layers of proteins which is also called keratin. The growth of the fingernails takes place from the base area that is under the cuticles. Notably, healthy fingernails do not have any sort of ridges, dents or discolouration so this is the indication of the healthy side of your nails.

Now let’s discuss some healthy things that you could try to keep our nails strong.

Biotin supplements

 Biotin is a source of vitamin B. Biotin is present in sweet potatoes, bananas, mushrooms which are known to be water-soluble food items and in our body you can’t store soluble substances so it is suggested that one should consume vitamins on the daily basis. There are other benefits of Biotin too as it helps in the growth of hair and nails and it also helps our nervous system to function well.

Minimize Exposure of water

When there is a lot of exposure of hands and fingernails in water, it is considered to be harmful for the nails as the water soaked in the nails can make them weak and brittle and it can lead to breakage of nails. So, while doing dishes or any other work it is advised to wear hand gloves which will protect your nails.

Staying hydrated

Our body is made up of 70 per cent water even then it requires a normal human body to consume 3 litres of water on a daily basis to stay hydrated.  So drinking a good amount of water helps you to stay hydrated as it provides the moisture required by the body to keep nails healthy and strong.

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Balanced diet

 Do you know that having a balanced diet can help you have good health? So, one should have a balanced diet in which all the important minerals, vitamins, biotins and other nutrients are present.

Products that should be avoided

As you know that nowadays there is a trend that most people are preferring nail extensions over natural nails. However, there are several harmful effects of this as they are made of acrylic material which is harmful for the nails. Nail extensions can make nails weak and because of that your nail stops growing.

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