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United States President Donald Trump has said he will not be hasty in making any deals with North Korea, stressing “very good” relations with the communist country’s leader.

According to South Korean official news agency Yonhap, the US President during his address in Missouri at a campaign rally on Friday, said, “Chairman Kim Jong-un sent me a beautiful letter two days ago,” though he did not elaborate on details.

He pointed to the release of Americans who had been detained in the North and the return of remains of American soldiers who went missing during the 1950-53 Korean War and said the relationship between the U.S. and North Korea is “going very well,” and “Let’s see what happens … I am in no rush.”

His remarks came at a time when South Korean President Moon Jae-in, after holding third summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in Pyongyang this week, plans to fly to Washington on Sunday for a meeting with Donald Trump.

During his two day sojourn to Pyongyang, Moon Jae-in addressed an audience of some 150,000, telling  the crowd, “We have lived together for five thousand years but apart for just 70 years.”

Trump not in hurry to meet Kim again - APN Live

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According to North Korea Times, during the address to the “citizens of Pyongyang, fellow Koreans, Moon said, “Here, at this place today, I propose we move forward toward the big picture of peace in which the past 70-year-long hostility can be eradicated and we can become one again.”

South Korean President further said that he and the North Korean leader “had agreed to measures that would completely eliminate the fear of war and the risk of armed conflicts on the Korean Peninsula.”

Both US and North Korea have floated the possibility of a second meeting between their leaders to move forward negotiations to dismantle North Korea’s nuclear weapons program. The historic first meeting was held in Singapore in June.

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North Korea Times said that according to the South Korean president, the message that his North Korean counterpart wants to deliver to the U.S. is aimed at speeding up the process of denuclearization.

Pyongyang Press Corps, in its summary said that according to the South Korean president Moon Jae-in, the message that his North Korean counterpart wants to deliver to the U.S. is aimed at speeding up the process of denuclearization.

It noted that North Korean leader wants the U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to visit Pyongyang to hurry the denuclearization process, as part of which North Korea aims to set up another summit with Trump “as soon as possible.”

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