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Constitution Day 2021: Why Constitution of India is called borrowed document? Is it right to call Indian Constitution bag of borrowing?

The Indian Constitution is the fundamental legislation of the country and is regarded as the foundation of democracy in our country. The Indian Constitution is the world’s longest written constitution, with 448 articles divided into 25 sections, 12 schedules, 5 appendices, and 98 amendments.

Indian Constitution is an umbrella of rights that gives the citizens of the country an assurance of free and fair societies.

On 29 August 1947, the Constituent Assembly set up a Drafting Committee under the chairmanship of Dr B.R. Ambedkar to prepare a Draft Constitution for India and it was 26 November 1949 when the Constituent Assembly adopted the Indian Constitution.

Indian Constitution adopts various features from the Constitutions of many countries and this is the reason it is known as the bag of borrowings or borrowed documents. Despite borrowed documents, it contains all the structure, functioning and working of the Government of India.

Here we present you with the features of the Indian Constitution that are borrowed from other nations.

Constitution of United States1. Preamble
2. Fundamental Rights
3. Federal structure of government
4. Electoral College
5. Independence of the judiciary and separation of powers
among the three branches of the government
6. Judicial review
7. President as Supreme Commander of Armed Forces
8. Equal protection under law
Irish Constitution (Ireland)1. Directive Principles of State Policy
2. Nomination of members to Rajya Sabha
3. Method of Election of President
Australian Constitution1. Freedom of trade and commerce within the country and between the states
2. Power of the national legislature to make laws for implementing treaties, even on matters outside normal Federal jurisdiction
3. Concurrent List
British Constitution1. Parliamentary form of government
2. The idea of single citizenship
3. The idea of the Rule of law
4. Writs
5. Institution of Speaker and his role
6. Lawmaking procedure
7. Procedure established by Law
Canadian Constitution1. A quasi-federal form of government — a federal system with a strong central government
2. Distribution of powers between the central government and state governments
3. Residual powers retained by the central government
French Constitution 1. Republic and the ideals of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity in the Preamble
Constitution of
Soviet Union (USSR)
1. Fundamental Duties under Article 51-A
2. A Constitutionally mandated Planning Commission to oversee the development of the economy
Constitution of
1. Procedure Established by Law
Constitution of
South Africa
1. Procedure for amendment
2. Election of Rajya Sabha members
Constitution of
1. Emergency powers to be enjoyed by the Union
2. Suspension of Fundamental Rights during emergency
Constitution of
1. Fundamental Duties
2. Idea of Social, Economic, and Political Justice in Preamble
Government of
India Act 1935
1. Federal Scheme
2. Emergency Provisions
3. Public Service Commissions
4. Office of Governor
5. Judiciary
6. Administrative Details
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Is Indian Constitution a borrowed bag?

The Indian Constitution is a one-of-a-kind constitution that was designed over the course of three years by the constituent assembly. Even while some aspects of the Indian constitution are taken from other countries, it is incorrect to claim that it is a bag of borrowings. Read to know why!

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  1. Even though various provisions are borrowed from other countries’ constitution but they are incorporated into the Indian Constitution to fit its political ideology and governance. They are not exactly copied.
  2. The Indian Constitution is the most extensive constitution in the world. The American Constitution includes only seven articles, the Australian Constitution has 128 articles, the Indian Constitution initially had 395 articles and has now extended to 448.
  3. The Indian Constitution is distinctive in both content and spirit.
  4. It is written with the historical perspective of Indian nationalist struggles in mind, as well as keeping the geographical variety of India in consideration. Its unique and distinctive attributes and aspects distinguish it apart from any other country.

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