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Indian Search Engine, First Private Atmanirbhar Search Engine: Wecript

In this modern era of globalization and a world that is becoming so unpredictable day by day, we are  bothered with a lot of insecurity. We never know what’s going on at our back. With the growing demand for  technology and highly sophisticated techniques, we are in a position where everything can be easy and still  be tough. The Internet and search engines are playing a major role in this equipped environment but these  search engines track you and judge you by your personal interests.

Whoever you are and wherever you are, your first priority is your privacy. No matter what it is. So, here we  present you, a new famous indian search engine, which takes responsibility for your privacy. Wecript, a search engine that deserves to excel in this unpredictable world. It doesn’t share your search history with  anyone. Some search engines also connect your searches with other apps. Like if you have gone through  a search and now you can find advertisements of the same on your social media. This doesn’t happen with  Wecript. Whatever you see on Wecript, it stays with you only and not with Wecript.

The Tech industry has been taking several significant steps and is updating its ways. Even at this point in  time while you are reading this line your browser might suggest an update. Due to these updates, privacy  leakage has become famous and the new normal. To replace the privacy issue, Wecript has come up with  advanced privacy policy features.

The parent company SKarn RoboticS focused itself on this growing demand for privacy and took out the  solution in the form of Wecript. A tech startup company launched in the year 2019. With this indian private  search engine, you don’t have to consider clicking on things twice, because from no data tracking to  complete privacy protection Wecript has got your back.

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After being succeeded with such wonderful productline in form of search engine,browser,messenger and  many more these people haven’t taken a sigh of relief. They are profoundly busy making everything that  will secure your privacy. They are still busy with more apps that will allow you to get a great experience  without asking for your personal access. The products launched by this company don’t waste your time by  asking for unnecessary access. The launched products also include Wecript photo editor and Wecript  collage maker. Now you can easily enhance your photos just like your favorite apps but the only difference  is with full security.

This versatile company is founded and headed by its founder the Karn. Grossing with high excellence, this  company is giving rise to a new century and proving itself more agreeable, sensible, secured, and easy to  use. Moreover, this is a true promotion of our own country’s talent and a wonderful initiative taken by The Karn. Being a highly secured search engine made by an Indian company, Wecript is gradually expanding its  wings under Atma Nirbhar Bharat. SKarn RoboticS is one of those rare and best companies which initiate  women empowerment. The main motive of this efficient company is to create a platform free of information  theft. For safe and secure browsing experience visit –   Source Link

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