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Every year on October 1, International Coffee Day is observed to celebrate the beverage coffee contains caffeine, the magical ingredient that gives us a boost every morning. 

The day was first launched in Milan in 2015 by the International Coffee Organization to promote fair trade to raise awareness about the terrible condition of coffee growers across countries. 

On this day, coffee shops around the world offer deals and discounts on varieties of beverages. The world celebrates coffee and recognize the millions of people across the globe – from farmers, to roasters, baristas, coffee shop owners and more  – who work hard to create and serve the beverage we all love.

Research reveals that one cup of coffee contains about 60-70mg of caffeine, this amount temporarily increases mental alertness and energy levels, which in turn reduces drowsiness. Caffeine stimulates the cardiovascular system, thereby raising the blood pressure and heart rate. It prevents fatigue, and may also act as a diuretic and laxative.

Around three billion cups of coffee are consumed every day, a number which continues to rise. The diverse mix of global celebrations that take place on International Coffee Day truly showcase coffee as one of the world’s most loved beverages.

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However, coffee prices that producers receive are more than 30 percent below the average of the last ten years, threatening the livelihoods of coffee farmers and their families. They are around 25 million coffee farms in 50 countries with 40 percent of being grown in Brazil. 

To bring attention to the crisis, internationalcoffeeday.org  is urging coffee lovers to sign a #coffeepledge to help coffee farmers around the world receive a fair, living income.

Some Health Benefits of Coffee: 

  1. Coffee helps people feel less tired and increase energy levels.
  2. Caffeine in Coffee helps burn calories.
  3. Caffeine stimulates your nervous system, increases epinephrine levels in the blood preparing the body for intense physical exertion. 
  4. Studies show that coffee drinkers have a much lower risk of Parkinson’s disease, with a risk reduction ranging from 32–60%.
  5. Several studies indicate that caffeine protects you from Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia
  6. Studies show that Coffee works against two types of cancer: Liver and Colorectal cancer.

Some Harmful effects of excessive intake of Coffee –

  1. Caffeine increase alertness but at higher doses, these effects may become more pronounced, leading to Anxiety.
  2. Insomnia is another ill effect as caffeine has the ability to help people stay awake.
  3. Despite all of caffeine’s health benefits, people can become addicted and Addiction of any kind has a negative impact on life. 
  4. Caffeine increases risk of Heart Attacks among young adults.
  5. A study from The University of Nevada School of Medicine showed that caffeine could Reduce Fertility in women.
  6. Excess intake of Caffeine can cause Indigestion.
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