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Bajrang Dal members burn copy of Kama Sutra in Gujarat, says book shows Hindu deities in vulgar positions

The members of Bajrang Dal staged a protest outside a bookstore in Ahmedabad for selling the book Kamasutra. The members also burnt a copy of the Kama Sutra book and said that the book insults the Hindu deities as it shows them in vulgar positions.

There is a video that is being widely circulated on the internet in which a member of Bajrang Dal is heard saying that they are burning the copy of the Kama Sutra because this is a vulgar book and it shows pictures of Hindu deities in vulgar positions. The man further said that by this our sentiments are hurt. The man also gave warning to the owner of the bookstall that if they saw the Kama Sutra here again, then they will burn the store down if Hindu sentiments are hurt in future.

Have a look at these videos of Bajrang Dal members burning the copy of Kama Sutra:

In another video, Bajrang Dal members were seen burning the copy of the Kama Sutra outside the bookstore. After burning the book, the members of Bajrang Dal were raising the slogans of “Jai Shri Ram” and “Har Har Mahadev”.

What is Kama Sutra?

Kama Sutra is an ancient Hindu text on sexuality, eroticism, and emotional fulfilment in life. Kama Sutra is not a sex manual but it is believed to be a guide on the art of living well.

The original composition of the Kamasutra is unknown. However, Vatsyayana Mallanag is the widely accepted author of this book. In the Kama Sutra, there are 1250 verses and it is distributed over 36 chapters in 64 sections and is organised into 7 books. The Kama Sutra is a mixture of prose and poetry. Apart from this, there are also various characters in this book.

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