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Panelists observe that the upcoming polls will be a test of people’s sentiment regarding CAA

With Delhi assembly elections coming close, can Shaheen Bagh, where hundreds of women and children have spent cold, winter nights in a show of protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act, swing the elections? So far, the Congress is lagging behind, and the AAP and the BJP are emerging as the main contending parties. APN’s popular debate Mudda discussed the issueAnchorperson Parivesh Vatsayan posed the questions to panellists, including the BJP’s Sanjay Singh, the Congress’s Ajay Arora and noted scribe Ajay Sharma.

Sharma said: “In Delhi, the Congress has been intimated by AAP; the BJP is still trying to fight it out. Rahul Gandhi has chosen the familiar ground of Rajasthan for his so-called comeback rally. Gandhi has raised price rise, but not children’s health or rapes in the state. He has only sought a favourable ground for his rally.”

Arora said: “Rajasthan is part of India. Rahul Gandhi has spoken against price rise and unemployment. It is not that the Congress has not been seen in Delhi. Haven’t you heard of the fable that the tortoise wins the race? Don’t get misled by what you see. A lot is happening on the ground.”

Vatsayan asked why Gandhi didn’t mention rapes in Rajasthan. To this, Arora said: “Don’t corner me on that. Everyone knows about the rapes and crimes against women in other states also.”

Singh said: “Top and mainline BJP leaders have been holding rallies in Delhi. There are barricades in Shaheen Bagh. It is true that the police is under the central government, but we don’t want to spoil the peace by entering into mindless confrontations.”

Arora said: “We don’t get involved in violence, or in any issue which divides the nation. We will fight on unemployment.”

Sharma said: “Every action has a reaction. What plan does the opposition have to deal with unemployment? Only petty politics is happening, there is no viable plan with anyone.”

Singh said: “It was under the Congress government when the banks gave out loans that went bad eventually. The BJP has been trying to clean the mess. Economy has not been stagnating, it has been slow. You will get to see real economy soon. The youth have faith in Modiji. No one is dying of hunger, everywhere in the world there is an economy crisis. Modi sarkar will take every challenge head on.”

Arora said: “Indian Airlines shares are being sold out. Which challenge are you able to deal with? This debate is not a rally, so let’s not talk of empty sloganeering. Without jobs, how will the economy revive? You will see on election day what the people think of such empty talk.”

Sharma said: “All muddas remain the same. Sometimes to deflect attention on pricky issues, other issues are taken up. Price rise and employment remains the main mudda for the common man. Both the Congress and the BJP are busy throwing brickbats on each other. See, Vajpayee was a great statesman, but now one sees a politics of aggression. We can see the falling standards in politics, and the voter is watching all this.”

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