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Protect yourself from the harsh sun of May and June

Delhi and the rest of India has fallen prey to the season’s unbearable heat. With temperatures maintaining a steady 40 plus and no respite in the form of thundershowers, at least not yet, here are a few recommendations to stay fit and cool this summer.

Infuse Water

Infuse water with herbs and fruits. It will not only encourage you to drink plenty of the liquid but will also provide essential nutrients to the body. Try citrus, mint and ripe fruits in season. The more the merrier!

Dress Light

This is the time to wear light colours and loose-fitted apparels. Keep aside thick denims and synthetic clothes to avoid skin allergies and sweat boo-boos.


When outside, if you are feeling too hot, practice yogic breathing for a few minutes. Just twist your tongue by protruding your tongue, upward, towards the middle and then breathe in through your mouth. Repeat at least 5 times.

Wet Tissues, Save Lives

When in the scorching heat, keep an antiperspirant and pack of wet tissues in your pocket. Wiping and sprinkling water from time to time will help in cutting sweat.

Eat Smaller Meals
Don’t hog at lunch, or dinner. The more you eat, the more heat your body will generate. Eat small meals throughout the day to limit your metabolism. Avoid consuming high protein foods because they also raise metabolic heat levels.

Ban The Booze

Alcohol dehydrates the body. Consume drinks like honey lime-red tea, strawberry lemonade and watermelon juice as they will keep you hydrated and will flush toxins from the body via sweat and restrict weight gain.

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