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Our mobile phone is a small, handy and revolutionary gadget. It is our best companion and no matter what we do and where we go, our phone is always with us. While eating, sleeping or even while using restroom we take this handy gadget along with us.

We become so glued to it that we cannot think of spending a day or even a single hour without using the mobile phone. This addiction is not only killing our time but also inviting many health issues for us.

Maybe you are aware of the effects of the blue light that your phone emits, but are you aware of the problems that are created by sleep texting. If not, lets us tell you how dangerous sleep texting is for your health.

The younger generation is facing many problems due to excessive use of mobile phones such as restless sleep, eyesight issues and other eye problem, insomnia, but sleep texting is even more harmful than insomnia.

What is sleep texting?

The problem of using the phone for texting, even while sleeping, is known as sleep texting. We use our mobile phone all the time and our brain becomes used to it. People who have the habit of keeping their phone right by their side can reply to text messages without opening their eyes, in their subconscious state.  Reading and responding to messages, while you are asleep is a real sleep disorder as serious as sleepwalking.

This happens when your brain becomes used to your habit of using phones round the clock. It can recognize the need of replying to the notifications while you are actually sleeping. In such a condition, just one notification tune is enough to wake you up.

Like sleepwalking and sleep sex, sleep texting is a part of parasomnia, which happens when the part of our brain stays active even when we are in an unconscious state. It makes us unable to remember about the entire episode the next morning.

How does sleep texting happen?

Rest mode of our brain gets on when we are sleeping but the part which is responsible for creating memories is different from the part responsible for motor skills. Other parts of the brain stay awake unconsciously when the memory gland sleeps. As soon as the notification tune triggers our senses, the brain instantly acts on it and signals our body to wake up as well, and then we reply to the message in our unconscious state.

Lack of sleep can make you obsess over small things and also gives mood swings.  For disturbance-free and sound sleep follow these bedroom habits:

  • Keep your phone away from your pillow and bedside, if possible keep it away from your bedroom while sleeping.
  • Try to disable the internet connection setting so that you cannot hear the notification tone, or if possible keep your gadget in silent mode.
  • Any media device could hamper you rest time so keep your room gadget free while sleeping.

•    Take frequent gaps from using your phone. This will ensure that you don’t get addicted to using the phone every time.

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