Says not an inch of PoK allowed to be taken

NDA’s Vice Presidential candidate Venkaiah Naidu has said that it was unfortunate that Pakistan has been pursuing terrorism as its state policy. He has underlined that terrorism is the enemy of humanity, it has no religion. He was addressing the “Kargil Parakram Parade” organized in the capital to honor Kargil martyrs on Sunday.

Naidu has recently resigned as Union Cabinet Minister for contesting as NDA candidate in the forthcoming elections for Vice President’s post. He said, “Our neighbor should understand that aiding and abetting terror will not help them, they should recall what happened in 1971.” 

He also spoke on the Kashmir issue saying, “We are a peace loving people, we never attacked any country and this is our specialty. We don’t want war, we don’t want confrontation, we don’t want violence, we want to have peace, we also want to have good relationships with the neighbors but they should also reciprocate the same. They should remember that Kashmir is an integral part of India and not an inch of even PoK will be allowed to be taken by anybody.”

Referring to the incidents of dissent in the Kashmir valley, Naidu said, “Dissent is agreeable but disintegration is not at all acceptable.”