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Caught cold and cough? Try these 5 effective Ayurvedic tips

Do you have a cold and cough? In spite of trying medications, you are still not able to find any prompt solution. If yes, then here we are giving some of the most effective ayurvedic tips to solve your problem.

Love peanut butter? Try these easy recipes in which you can add this protein-packed ingredient

Are you a fitness freak? Here' we are dropping you some mouth-watering recipes from peanut butter that you can easily make at your home. They will provide you with numerous benefits.

What is bile duct cancer? Symptoms, stages, and when do you need to visit doctor, here’s what you need to know

There are many lifestyle problems that we must know. One of those is bile duct cancer. It is a rare disease. Check here its symptoms and stages.

What is hypothyroidism? Know symptoms, causes, and treatment

Are you aware of Hypothyroidism? If not, here we are dropping you the causes, treatment, and symptoms to identify them in your body. Also, the thyroid helps to control various functions in your body. Your heartbeat and digestive system are controlled by this hormone in your body.

What is Kombucha? Here’s to know everything about the drink

Kombucha helps in detoxifying our bodies. It also helps in the proper digestion of our body. It is a low-calorie drink that is effective in boosting our immune system. Also, it helps in losing weight.

BENTA: What is it? All you need to know about the disease that infected a 7-month-old in Bengaluru

Recently, a seven-month-old infant in Bengaluru, Vijayandra, has been diagnosed with BENTA disease. This disease is extremely rare and serious. Worldwide, only 14 children have been diagnosed with the disease, out of which, Vijayandra is the youngest.

Facing blood pressure problems? Add these fruits and vegetables to your diet to control BP levels

Do you have blood pressure problems? If yes, then it is essential to take a healthy and balanced diet. So, here we are providing you with a complete list of fruits and vegetables that can help you to control the blood pressure in your body.

Are your children becoming obese day by day? Here are some parental tips to help you manage your child’s eating habits

Are your children becoming obese day by day? Does your gaining weight of your child worry you a lot? Here's we are giving you some parental tips by which you can help your children to be healthy.

What is Parosmia? All you need to know about the post-Covid symptom in children

When smell receptors are very less and recovering person cannot pick a few components of the smell mixture is known as parosmia. It is caused during the recovery phase of Covid-19. According to the health experts it has been mentioned that Covid-19 can lead to an infection known as parosmia.

Suffering from Type 1 Diabetes? Here’s to know how nanotherapy can help in its treatment

Are you suffering from Type 1 diabetes? If yes, then there is good news to control insulin levels in your body. New research has found that nanotheraphy can help in the treatment of Type 1 diabetes. Here's to know what is nanotherpahy and what has been revealed in the study?

Are you concerned about your child’s height? Add these food items in your kid’s diet

Are you struggling hard with your child's height? Do you have tried out every medication but are unable to make them taller? If yes, then it is due to a lack of nutrition. Here we are giving you a complete list of essential nutrients that will help to make your child taller, stronger, and sharper.

Want to boost your immunity? From Kiwi to Brocolli, turn to these fruits and vegetables

Are you struggling hard with your immunity power due to Covid-19 or Omicron? Do you feel tired all day long? If yes, then we are providing a list of some fruits and vegetables that will help to strengthen your immune power.

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