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What Jewellery items should you buy this Dhanteras?

When Diwali approaches, most of us prepare to purchase gold coins or jewellery ahead of it. Precious metals add both financial as...

How single-use masks are contributing to pollution?

Yes! Disposable masks contain plastic which pollutes water and can harm wildlife who eat them or become tangled in them.

How air pollution is disturbing India’s fight against Covid-19?

Know how air pollution with COVID-19 is double trouble for Indians, and how you can protect yourself from covid-19 and pollution collectively.

Five ways to overcome workplace negativity

Negativity at the workplace is one among several responsible cases that impacts the productivity of employees. These five ways can help you overcome workplace negativity- Distribute more responsibilities, show trust on your employees and award systems.

Should we use toilet paper instead of tissue?

Suppose you suffer from cold, and your nose is running. You rush to the restroom for a tissue paper, and come back...

How sunlight, rich with Vitamin D, is an important source of energy for your body

Only a few of us know this, Vitamin D has been the ultimate source of energy for our body, and most of...

Make this Karva Chauth special with these delicious dishes

Every year Indian Women celebrate Karva Chauth with passion. This year Karva Chauth will be celebrated on 4th November 2020. It is a popular festival from Northern India, mostly celebrated in UP, Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan.

Healthy Diet for Women | Healthy Eating for Women

Iron is critical to acceptable wellbeing, however the sum required is diverse relying upon a lady's phase of life. For instance, iron needs are higher during pregnancy and lower in the wake of arriving at menopause. Nourishments that give iron incorporate red meat.

Steps to Stay Healthy lifestyle

indicated by an ongoing report, not many grown-ups really meet the models for a solid way of healthy lifestyle.The examination, distributed in the Archives of Internal Medicine.

Do not rush for that perfect body! at cost of your mental health

Our society has constructed misconception regarding fitness and looks, from the societal point of view if you are slim or have a...

Include these three foods in your diet if you are planning to turn vegetarian

India is famous for its vegetarianism–back in time and even now, there is a huge population that rely on plant-based and dairy...

Five functional things that are a wonderful addition to your bathroom décor

Generally, the bathroom is a small space of your home, therefore you can decorate it with functional items to avoid overcrowding. decoration...

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Uttar Pradesh: TV journalist dies days after claiming threat to life from liquor mafia, Pratapgarh police claim it accident

The ABP Ganga correspondent from Pratapgarh Sulabh Srivastava was found dead under mysterious circumstances on Sunday night. Sulabh suffered...

Parmita Reang : The Singer who had Partnership with TIPS Music Industry

Parmita Reang is a Tripura-based singer, actor, director, and YouTube personality. She's currently approaching the 100k blemish on YouTube. So we hope for the Silver Play Button as soon as possible.

Asaduddin Owaisi slams Centre over misreporting Covid casualties in India, says official numbers nowhere close to real damage

Stating that the government's data on Covid deaths is not validated, the AIMIM MP alleged that every study on Covid casualties points to unrecorded deaths.

Ghaziabad: Man kills parents after they deny him share in property

The accused is identified as Ravi Dhaka who lives in Ghaziabad’s Balram Nagar. Police said Ravi has squeezed the neck of his parents, Surendra Dhaka (70) and Santosh (63), which caused to death at their home on Sunday.