Sunday, September 26, 2021
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Last American soldier leaves Afghanistan, ending 20-year war; here’s all you need to know about him

The Department of Defense of US shared a post on Twitter in which they shared the picture of the last American soldier as he was leaving Afghanistan.

Havana Syndrome: Kamala Harris’s trip to Vietnam delayed due to undisclosed health incident, here’s what we know

Kamala Harris had a flight from Singapore to Havana which got delayed by three hours. However, later she flew to the Vietnamese capital as a part of her scheduled trip across Asia.

Ukraine’s evacuation plane hijacked, diverted to Iran, countries deny report

The Ukrainian minister told the Russian news agency that the plane was hijacked by unidentified people last Sunday and flew into Iran with an unidentified group of passengers onboard instead of airlifting Ukrainians on Tuesday.

Love Story Bizarre: Belgian woman finds love in chimpanzee, zoo furious

In this bizarre episode, a Belgian woman has been banned from the zoo for apparently having an affair with a chimpanzee. Antwerp Zoo officials got suspicious when they monitored that the woman was visiting the animal way too frequently.

Who is Amrullah Saleh? Taliban fighters surround Panjshir, Saleh warns it won’t be easy

The current acting President of Afghanistan, Amrullah Saleh, has warned the Taliban not to enter the Panjshir Valley.

Kamala Harris kicks off Asia tour week after Kabul’s fall

Vice President Kamala Harris began a trip to Asia Sunday where she will offer reassurances of Washington's commitment to the region after the chaotic US pullout from Afghanistan and Taliban takeover.

Israeli military air raids Gaza after violent protests along border, several injured

Israel military launched air raids on Gaza's Palestinian militant weapons sites in the early hours of Sunday. The air raids were launched in response to a violent demonstration on the fence due to which many people were injured, among the injured was an Israeli police officer, who is critically injured.

Taliban issues first Fatwa, bans co-education in Afghan Universities

Taliban took full control of Afghanistan on Sunday. After taking the control, Taliban has now issued their first Fatwa in which they...

Former Afghan women’s football captain Khalida Popal asks players to delete social media, burn uniforms to protect from Taliban

Former captain of Afghan women's football team Khalida Popal who has always been vocal about women empowerment and used her voice to...

Fact-Check: Showtime 2020 docu footage passed off as new Taliban video

Everything related to the Taliban, Afghanistan and the women of Afghanistan is viral material. A particular video has been doing the rounds of unidentified Taliban militiamen laughing at a woman interviewer in burqa, asking them if they would respect a woman politician

Afghanistan Crisis: Taliban enjoy rides at amusement park after taking over Kabul | WATCH

Taliban on Sunday took full control of Afghanistan after taking over Kabul. Soon after, President Ashraf Ghani among other members of Parliament fled the country after the US forces started withdrawing forces.

Afghanistan Crisis: President Joe Biden says there was never a good time to withdraw

The world is yet again witnessing the horror of Afghanistan as the Taliban took full control of the country. This week, a series of harrowing incidents took place in the country after US forces, that were stationed in Afghanistan for over 20 years started withdrawing this year.

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Don’t use Afghanistan to stage terror attacks: PM Modi warns Pakistan in UNGA speech

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the territory of Afghanistan should not be used to promote terrorism in an oblique reference to Pakistan...

Cinema halls and theatres in Maharashtra to reopen from October 22

Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray on Saturday announced that, cinema halls and theatres will be opening from October 22nd with all the...

SRH vs PBKS Preview: Desperate Punjab to face Hyderabad, do-or-die game for both teams

Sunrisers Hyderabad and Punjab Kings will face each-other in the evening fixture of today’s double-header. The match will take place at the...

Despite hours of struggle, stranded elephant dies in Mahanadi river

The stranded elephant was part of a herd of eleven who were spotted crossing the river on Friday morning. The tusker was caught in the strong current and left alone.