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Nutri4Verve: Shivani Sikri discusses 9 Reasons Not To Eat In Front Of Your Computer while Work from Home

Work From home (WFH) or Telecommuting often forces us to eat in front of our computers, but it is not good for your physical and mental health. Since the arrival of Covid-19 , many things have evolved and among them: teleworking or remote work. Today, many people work from home on their computers. 

And for companies that work under a face-to-face environment, the lunch break is spent on the individual desk (in front of the workstation) to limit the spread of the virus -Another factor that prompts you to eat in front of your computer. 

Many may see it as an easy solution: no need to move around and find a place to eat! But this practice is rather harmful for the body. Shivani Sikri, Chief Nutritionist & Wellness Specialist at Nutri4Verve discusses the new normal to eat in front of your computer or while working on laptops and the ill effects associated with it.


However, before all these changes, Indians simply enjoyed their lunch break! The Office Cafeterias or lunch lobbies were the place for maximum chit-chat and gossips.

Indian were known to take the “extended time” to finish their lunch. (Remember the long waiting time for an officer even after the official lunch time is over) It may sound like a reprimand but believe it or not, it is simply a great thing ! Not swallowing down your food and taking the time to eat and breathe is wonderful for the body .

“By eating in front of the computer, you will swallow it in less than two and a half minutes and your brain will not have understood that it has finished eating and you will continue to be hungry, ” explains the expert. 

Here are the 9 reasons not to eat in front of your computer

Not To Eat In Front Of Your Computer

1 /9. You will have endless hunger! 

Eating in front of a screen eliminates the feeling of fullness. You will therefore be hungry without limit and will be tempted to snack throughout the day.  

2 /9. Leave your computer and you will be more creative!

By giving your brain a real break, away from the screens, you will be much more creative when you come back from a break!

3 /9. Turn off your screens and you will strengthen your relationships

In face-to-face work in a company, having a computer planted in front of you creates a physical barrier with the people around. Everyone needs social interactions to have a healthy mind. 

4 /9. Your body will store more fat

Because while eating, you will not have left your work environment and you will be under pressure without even feeling it. As a result, the body tends to store fat when it is under pressure. So simply shutdown our computer while you eat!

5 /9. A few minutes without your computer and you will be more productive

By leaving your computer aside for a few moments, your brain will have a real time of rest which will allow it to recharge the batteries and be more than productive when you return to work.

6 /9. You will have stomach aches

Eating while being focused on our screen causes us to eat faster, which causes bloating and stomach aches. 

7 /9. Lack of physical activity

By eating at your workstation while being on your computer, you accustom your body to a sort of inactivity. So remember to clear your mind and take a walk during your break.

8 /9. It’s anything but hygienic!

Did you know ? Your computer is dirtier than your toilet. So better to leave it in its corner when you eat! 

9 /9. You will be more stressed

Having missions to carry out all day is very stressful for our body and our brain, which is why a real break is needed. Otherwise, it’s overwork guaranteed!

About the Expert

Shivani Sikri is the Co-Founder and Chief Nutritionist at Nutri4Verve. She is an internationally renowned award winning nutritionist based in New Delhi INDIA. Shivani recommends customised Indian versions of International Diets like Keto Diet (Veg/ Non Veg), Intermittent, Paleo and other top international fat loss targeting diets, in addition to well-balanced metabolic and combination based nutritionally rich diets so that the fat loss is easily attainable and everlasting by eating balanced healthy meals and through your home cooked food.

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