India believes that Jadhav was coerced under considerable stress

Days after India criticized Pakistan over violation of understandings during the meeting of Kulbhushan Jadhav with his mother and wife in Islamabad, Pakistan on Thursday has released a second video of the alleged spy – in which Jadhav has been seen confessing that he is a commissioned officer of the Indian Navy. The video further showed Jadhav claiming that the Indian diplomat – who was accompanying the ex-Navy officer’s kin – was yelling at his mother.

“I have to say one thing very important here, for the Indian public, Indian government and the Indian navy, that my commission is not gone. I am a commissioned officer in the Indian navy,” said Jadhav in the video released by the Pakistani media.

“The [Pakistan government] is taking care of me, my mother saw me.. she was happy to see me healthy and well. I thank Pakistan [for the meeting],” he added.

Also depicting Jadhav’s discontent with the Indian government’s mistreatment to his family member, Jadhav was heard saying, “I saw fear in the eyes of my mother and my wife. Why should they be fear [sic]? Whatever has happened has happened. There shouldn’t be fear in the eyes of my mother and my wife. They’ve been threatened. The Indian diplomat or the Indian person who had come along with my mother was shouting on [sic] my mother the moment she stepped out [of the meeting room]… (Inaudible) was yelling at her. Has she been brought under threat here, to meet me? This gesture was a positive gesture so that she feels happy, I feel happy… and then the Indian diplomat or person standing outside [is] yelling at her?”

The Ministry of External Affairs had earlier hit out at Pakistan, stating that the arrested former navy official was coerced and under considerable stress during the strictly monitored meeting between the Jadhav-family.

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Kulbhushan Jadhav – who was accused by Pakistan for allegedly spying on behalf of India’s Research and Analysis Wing (R&AW) – is in custody in the foreign land and is facing death sentence with charges of terrorism and spying. According to Pakistan, Jadhav also have two passports, one in his own name and another in the name of Hussein Mubarak Patel – the second one reportedly issued on 2003 and renewed on 2014.

While Pakistan continues to maintain its position in the charges leveled against the former Indian Navy officer, India has been denying all charges and had moved the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to secure his release.

More than a year after his arrest, Pakistani authorities finally permitted Jadhav’s family members to meet him on December 25. However, Jadhav’s mother and wife could only interact with him through an intercom looking at each other across a glass panel.

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And while Jadhav was not allowed to speak privately with his family, many term the meeting as a mere PR exercise from Pakistan. The Indian High Commissioner was also present during the meeting – though he did not interact with Jadhav.

Following the meeting, Pakistan had claimed that they have ‘honored the commitment’ and shared photos of the 45-minute long meeting on Twitter. The Pakistan’s move to grant permission to Jadhav’s family members to visit Pakistan ahead of the hearing of India’s appeal against Jadhavv’s death sentence at the International Court of Justice.

Following the meeting in Islamabad when Jadhav’s mother and wife were forced to remove their Mangal Sutra, Bindi and shoes and change their clothes before going to see the ill-feted Jadhav, Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) spokesperson Raveesh Kumar stated that Pakistan has violated the “letter and spirit of our understanding”.

Kumar further added that the Pakistani officials have disregarded the cultural and religious sensibilities of the family members as the authorities “under the pretext of security precautions… they were asked to remove their mangal-sutra, bangles and bindi”.