I don’t like actors joining politics, says Raj

In a veiled attack on actor-turned politicians Rajnikanth and Kamal Haasan, Prakash Raj, a multi lingual actor on Sunday ruled out possibility of him joining any political party. He said that he does not favor of any actor joining politics because they become “disaster for the country.”

Speaking at press conference in Bengaluru on Sunday the “Singham” star said: “I’m not joining any political party.”  He has been a frequent critique of prime minister Narendra Modi led-Central government for its policies. Most recently he slammed Modi government over demonetisation.

On the controversy over national anthem being played in the cinema halls, he said, “I don’t think someone should stand in cinema hall and show his or her patriotism.”

Prakash Raj said “I don’t like actors joining politics because they are actors and have fans. They should always stay aware of their responsibility towards them. Film actors becoming leaders is a disaster for the country”.

Prakash Raj had tweeted on November 8, the first anniversary of demonetisation saying that government’s move for demonetisation was a biggest blunder of its time. He further claimed that demonetisation caused mass suffering. He said “While the rich found ways to convert their black money into shiny new notes, this disruptive impact made millions suffer helplessly and the unorganised sector workers went for spin.”

In October Raj had criticised Modi for keeping silence on the murder of journalist Gauri Lankesh in Bengaluru. While speaking at a meeting organized by Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI), Raj said that he can tell when those in power were ‘acting’.

In a more direct tone he addressed the Prime Minister Narendra Modi  saying, “You can’t make me believe by making promises of good days. See, I’m a bigger actor than you people (Modi government) and I can tell when you are acting. Please respect the fact that I’m a professional actor. When you act as if you don’t know anything, do you think I or people will buy it?” he said