Expresses concern over rising mob frenzy

Hitting out at those killing in the name of “Gauraksha”, President Pranab Mukherjee on Saturday said, “When mob frenzy becomes so high, irrational and uncontrollable, we have to pause and reflect, are we vigilant enough.”

Speaking at the release of commemorative publication of National Herald, President Mukherjee expressed concern over the recent incidents of mob lynching and vigilantism, saying, “I am not talking of vigilantism, I am talking of are we vigilant enough, proactively to save the basic tenets of our country.”“I do believe that citizens’ intellectual and media vigilance can act as the biggest deterrent to forces of darkness and backwardness,” he said.

The issue of mob lynching has taken the centre stage as a number of people, especially Muslims, have been lynched and assaulted after accusing them of cow slaughter.  Most recently a Muslim man in Jharkhand’s Ramgarh district was killed for allegedly carrying beef in his vehicle.

On Wednesday, widespread protests were organised across the country under the tagline “Not in My Name” to protest against a streak of mob lynching incidents in the country.