Demonetisation demon still inflicts suffering on the unsuspecting

By Vinay Dubey, APN, Mumbai

The entire country has by now adjusted to the shock and aftershocks of demonetization. However, there are some dishonest people who are on the lookout to dupe people of old currency notes in order to exchange them for new ones. In certain categories, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) will continue to exchange old currency notes for new ones until the end of March.

A garment trader in Mumbai, Rakesh Jain, was cheated by two imposters who said they were RBI officials and took Rs 1.2 crore in old currency from him. The incident took place on February 20 in Kandivali area of south Mumbai. The Thane police have arrested three persons, while some more accused are still at large.

ACP Shrirang Nadgoda
ACP Shrirang Nadgoda

The imposters introduced their gang members as RBI officials to the trader at the meeting in a building in the Kandivali police station area. They took the cash and asked the trader to come along to get the new currency notes. When they came out of the building, the trader found two more men waiting in a car. They said they were police officials and threatened him with dire consequences. Then they drove to a spot in front of Charkamp police station where he was thrown out of the car. The trader managed to catch hold of one of the gang members while the others escaped in the car. Alert constables nabbed the gang member the trader had caught.

Srirang Nadgoda, Assistant Commissioner of Maharashtra Police, told APN that five persons were arrested in the case. The money was recovered from the accused. Investigations are continuing.  

Meanwhile, Chandan Rai adds from Ghaziabad, police arrested two persons with Rs 49 lakh in demonetised currency notes in Sahibabad area. Old currency is being exchanged with 60 percent commission. The involvement of some NRI is also suspected as the RBI will continue exchanging currency brought by NRIs.