Monday, May 17, 2021
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RJD Youth Leader Md. Mahtab Alam criticizes the election rallies during Covid-19

RJD Youth leader Md. Mahtab Alam is quite tensed with the second wave of Covid-19 in India. He raised his concern over the social gatherings during the Election rally and criticized the political parties for putting people’s lives in danger. He also mentioned that the situation could have been handled better by hosting virtual rallies.

“On one hand, the exact figure of corona-infected people is being hidden and on the other hand, leaders are distributing the virus by holding rally gatherings. Those who give the slogans of mask and social distancing are themselves not following it,”

-said Md. Mahtab Alam, member of Rashtriya Janta Dal (RJD).
“Is this how we are going to defeat this situation?” he blasted.

He further added,

“Elections will keep coming, but what about those who will be infected by coronavirus? What about those who are losing their lives due to the virus? They will not come back again.”

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Md. Mahtab Alam is a political and social activist who has been working non-stop to help the citizens of the country during the pandemic. Last year, when the central government announced a nationwide lockdown to control Covid-19, political and social activist Md. Mahtab Alam played a crucial part in bringing the migrants to their hometown Bihar.

He also arranged for the food and transportation of thousands of migrants workers who were stranded in Gujarat and Hyderabad. The 32-year-old leader has been serving the citizens and speaking for their betterment since then. Understanding the plight of the common man, he said that people are losing their employment and lives with this second wave of Covid-19. He pointed out that the political parties should be more sensitive and their actions should not contradict what they preach!

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