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Tharoor was simply trying to say he uses the most apt words rather than sound vague or  boastful

There are several words for it. Trust Shashi Tharoor to use the one you have never heard. It leaves people flabbergasted and, often, what he was trying to say is forgotten in the spate of reactions over the words he uses. In fact, his ire at a TV news channel journalist was forgotten as one word he used in his protest grabbed all the attention. He had tweeted: “Exasperating farrago of distortions, misrepresentations & outright lies being broadcast by an unprincipled showman masquerading as a journalist.”

The twitter erupted with all kinds of reactions to ‘farrago’. Many went to dictionaries to check if such a word exists at all. It sure does, not like ‘covfefe’ that was invented by US President Donald Trump. So, there came parodies, videos clips about how Tharoor would say ‘all that glitters is not gold’ etc etc.

Apparently, it got too much for Tharoor. He decided to respond to this.  But Tharoor being Tharoor, he went ahead and posted a tweet using words that explained and justified all those jokes. It also paved the way for more cracks at him.

This is what he said: “To all the well-meaning folks who send me parodies of my supposed speaking/writing style: The purpose of speaking or writing is to communicate w/ precision. I choose my words because they are the best ones for the idea i want to convey, not the most obscure or rodomontade ones!”

Now the people had another word Tharoor introduced them to: rodomontade. The word, says the dictionary, means boastful or inflated talk or behaviour.

The word raised a virtual gale of reactions. Some thanked him for improving their vocabulary. One wanted his school fees back.

Balendu Pandey‏ @balendu29

Heard one new word again-“rodomontade”. I want my school fees back.

Tharoor’s friend and National Conference leader Omar Abdullah asked the Twitterati to follow Tharoor for English lessons.

“Learning English? Follow my friend Shashi Tharoor for words you never knew existed & will struggle to ever use in a sentence but by golly they sound impressive,” he tweeted.

There were several others:

Someone tried using the word to build a sentence. And this is what it turned out to be:

I can rodomontadely say that day by day I read your rodomontaded tweets in English, I will be rodomontaded of my improved English. A rodomontade Jai Hind sir.

— Kanatunga (@Kanatunga) December 13, 2017

Some folks on Twitter imitated Tharoor’s style.

For what is life if not a perennial quest for the mot juste?

— Raja Sen (@RajaSen) December 14, 2017

Some said simply following Tharoor on twitter would be enough preparation for English vocabulary tests.

If twitter was around when I prepared for MBA entrance , I would have done nothing else but to follow this man on twitter . I would have cracked the vocabulary section of the CAT !

— Kapil Bhagat (@BhagatKapil) December 14, 2017

You are a God send for people preparing for GRE and CAT.

— Jagdish Kumar (@kumar_jag) December 14, 2017

Others simply joked:

maruti‏ @Maruti_P_Naik

lemonade ka bada bhai rodomontade. thanks for yet another word…

manavsaraf‏ @manavsaraf

@ShashiTharoor  guy is a paid agent of oxford english dictionary 1850 edition. inki CBI jaanch honi chahiye

the Chatterjee

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