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Sonu Sinha, an artist found a music company: KYTE MUSIC

Believing in yourself and it impacts everything you do. Just Everything. From your working life to your family life to your life of isolation. In your link with yourself and in your connections with others. In your decisions and in your visions, you dream. If you see yourself, how you calculate your value, how you weigh your ability, and how you incorporate all of your worth to build the life you’re going to spend.
We look at people very much and compare our worth to theirs. Or we’re looking at and using our history to determine our future. Neither of these has any impact on what your life is capable of being. No matter how good and brilliant you think someone else is or how many times you think you have struggled, that is precisely what it starts to be when you accept that the future is whatever you want to make it.

Today we will talk about a guy who has believed in his capabilities instead of facing criticism. Born and raised in Guwahati, Swarndeep Sinha better known as Sonu Sinha, is an entrepreneur and music producer who founded KYTE MUSIC, India’s Top Digital Music Distribution and Marketing Company decided to modify the Digital Music Industry, especially empowering Indie and Emerging artist and Labels to reach the millions of audiences around the world.
He had always wanted to work related to entertainment and music, so he had the ability to work in this field. Kyte Music is, right now, a project he’s into.
The group specializes primarily in the production of songs, channel optimization, artist management promotion & copyright administration, and music publishing.
Hundreds of artists and labels trust and use KYTE MUSIC to deliver their albums, till Jan 2021 KYTE MUSIC generates 1 Billion streams and paid royalties of around 16 Million INR to their clients.

He spent more than three years in this field, every day he discovers new things, there have been few experiences with his education during this span of time. This achievement has driven him to deal with another startup which will focus on Artist Management, Brand Sponsorship, Social Media Marketing for artist and influencers.
He’s just keeping a distance from unpleasant people and focused on his career.
The incredible feeling is that he had a lot of time to do new research after he struggled in 12th grade and his family was depressed about it, and after 10 months he recovered and all things were going on. He made a good source of money, made a good circle of professional friends, and also finished his exams.
He has learned from his mistakes and made good use of them.
“Since the founding of Kyte Music has my goal has been to empower independent musicians or labels to reach the millions of audiences around the world and get success in this industry. The startup is looking to catch the next superstars that haven’t yet been discovered, they have the talent but don’t efficient resources, so we provide our services at a comfortable price to attract a large group of potential hitmakers with covering all major streaming & digital download platforms, We have experienced incredible growth and are deeply honored to serve every musician or label who has chosen Kyte Music as part of their journey,” said Sonu, Founder Kyte Music.

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