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Panelists say that the delaying tactics could be to ensure that the govt is saved

The Chief Justice of India has said that the Supreme Court cannot fetter the Karnataka Assembly Speaker. APN’s popular debate Mudda discussed the Karnataka imbroglio. Anchorperson Akshay Singh posed the questions to panelists including the BJP’s Madhu Bhat, NCP’s Majid Memon, noted scribes Shekhar Kapur and Rahul Shekhawat, and APN consultant Govind Pant Raju.

Kapur said: “July 18 will be the test of democracy. The CJI has stated that the Speaker should be allowed to act on his own. The Speaker’s decision is vital, he is well-versed with the rules and regulations. If he has not taken any decision so far, it could be indicative of the fact that he wants to give time to the government to quell the storm. The SC has certain powers, and the Speaker too enjoys a host of powers. The decision should be rightfully taken by him.”

Memon said: “The anti-defection law is there hanging like a sword on the rebels. The onus is on the Speaker to take the right decision as per the constitutional guidelines and obligations. The MLAs cannot be forced.”

Kapur: “If a whip is issued, the MLAs shall remain united with the party line. Whips are issued so that leaders can remain united in times of crisis. Let’s see if the whip issued on the rebels is legit, as they have already resigned.”

Raju said: “The Speaker will be doing his best to save the government, he has to take the final decision on the matter. If the rebels remain adamant, there is no pressure on them. By resigning, they don’t come under any whip.”

Bhat said: “This is democracy, legislators are answerable to the people. The rebels must have felt deeply anguished by the goings-on, which is why they must have resigned.”

Shekhawat said: “Look at practical politics, where personal ambition and advantage matter the most. Both sides must be offering inducements. The game is to either save the government, topple it or to make a new government. It is an open marketplace.”

Kapur said: “People of Karnataka are watching how their representatives are behaving. This is like Aya Ram, Gaya Ram, there is no service to the public here.”

Raju said: “Rebels have resigned and the issue is hanging fire since the last 11 days. It could be that larger inducements are offered to the rebels.”

Shekhawat said: “The Supreme Court has made it clear that the Speaker has to decide. Floor test is the ultimate option. Speaker belongs to a party, he is not absolutely neutral in the literal sense. The Speaker is delaying, but he has to ensure that there is no horse trading.”

Raju said:”The delaying tactics is to ensure that Chief Minister Kumaraswamy save his government.”

Kapur said:”There are more than 48 hours, more MLAs might or might not resign. It will become clear soon, the ball is in the Speaker’s court.”

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