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Panellists say that Rahul Gandhi needs to make his nationality issue clearer

The ministry of home affairs, acting on a complaint from BJP MP Subramanian Swamy, has asked Congress president Rahul Gandhi to provide factual information on his citizenship. Swamy has alleged that Gandhi had declared his nationality as Britain in the past. APN’s popular debate Mudda discussed the issue. Anchorperson Neha Dubey posed the questions to panellists, including the Congress’s Javed Urfi, BJP’s Vinay Goyal, SP’s Fakhrul Hasan Chand, political expert Fazil Ahmed and APN consultant Govind Pant Raju.

Urfi said:”There is something wrong with Swamy which is why he picks on people like this.”

Goyal said: “When the Congress was in the government, there were no investigations against Robert Vadra, Sonia Gandhi or anyone connected with the Gandhi family. It has been proved that Rahul Gandhi is a mysterious person; no one knows where he goes on holidays from time to time. This family has made a huge mockery of the systems of the country.”

Fakhrul Hasan said: “BJP leaders know how to twist the system in their favour. There is no question on Rahul Gandhi’s nationality. Themudda is development, jobs and economy. It is also a mystery what Modi keeps doing.”

Raju said: “If Rahul Gandhi is rightfully a citizen of this country, then surely this issue has come up only to deflect attention. But if there is something to be probed here, then it is not a small matter. Questions regarding nationality are not small matters. Rahul Gandhi needs to come clean on this issue.”

Urfi said:”It is just an attention deflecting move. There is no mudda here. Rahul Gandhi is 50, no one has ever challenged his nationality, now the BJP is indulging in attention diversion.”

Goyal said: “Seventy percent of voting has taken place, so this is not an attention diverting issue. BJP is set to get a bumper vote and that is why these people are getting impatient.”

Ahmed said: “BJP keeps raking the National Herald case. Even BJP leaders have many cases against them. Those on bail are not convicted. People know about cases against Shah etc. Till now, these leaders felt Rahul Gandhi is not a heavyweight at all, and no consideration needs to be accorded to him. Now they are getting edgy. How come suddenly they are worried about Rahul Gandhi’s nationality?”

Goyal said:”Rahul is on a slippery wicket, which is why he ran from Amethi to Wayanad. BJP puts no pressure on anyone. If home ministry has got a letter from a legislator, it is the responsibility of the ministry to probe the issue. Why are you raising the issue of the timing? Swamy is a learned man, and let us not ignore his complaint.”

Urfi said:”Swamy is desperate for media attention and that is why he has raised up the issue.”

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Goyal said: “Swamy is an independent thinking man, he has also said that Arun Jetlie is a proud man and so on, these are his personal opinions.”

Raju said: “Swamy expresses himself openly, he has often taken an independent viewpoint, the mudda is not his personality, but the questions he has raised.”

Fakhrul Hasan said: “BJP had promised that prices will go down, employment will go…we are yet to see such promises fulfilled.”

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