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Panelists say that there needs to be increasing awareness and seriousness to work on goals

Global warming, pollution and climate change harm people, wildlife, and our environment, and there has been plentiful talk about this in recent times. Issues too have been spotlighted from time to time. APN’s popular debate Mudda discussed the environment problem. Anchorperson Akshay posed the questions to panelists including the BJP’s Dr Vikram Singh, environmentalists Dr Priyanka Malik and Jagdish Bawla and noted scribe Ved Vilas Oniyal.

Malik said: “This is the right topic that you have taken up. The water level is going down, there is unavailability of clean water, this has become a big issue now.”

Bawla said: “I have noticed that Gangotri and above there used to be glaciers but now one only sees bare mountains and no glaciers. Even three km above Gomukh, you can’t see glaciers.”

Dr Singh said: “There has been too little focus on environment. Modiji feels very strongly about the environment. Sewage treatment plants are there. Stubble burning needs to be addressed, organic farming has to be encouraged. All sorts of pollution needs to be monitored.”

Oniyal said: “People generally tend to look into their own needs only, and don’t really care about the larger people. Since ages, environmentalists have been warning. But now, data and other information are more readily accessed. The first issue is that political bosses have to think of implementation, the administrative machinery needs to be ready. The common man follows the rules and regulations. Implementation is the key here. Don’t take environment like fashion.  Everybody today wants to talk of environment, and make a business out of it. Those involved should be sincere in what they want. Look at the Chipko agitation in Uttararkhand, such mass movements have an impact.”

Bawla said: “I agree that the most important fact is implementation. ACs are used in such a large measure among government functionaries. The  government should be leading by example.”

Malik said:” The Government has to be strict in ensuring implementation at all levels.”

Singh said: “We start teaching environment from Class Five. At the individual level too, there needs to be greater consciousness. ROs have reached even village households. If water was not polluted, this would not have happened. Green initiatives should be incorporated in a big way, like finding out natural ways to keep indoors’ air cool, rainwater harvesting, and so on.”

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