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People are celebrating World Environment Day all across the globe, but are they really concerned about the Environment, is one aware of what is the condition of Flora and Fauna today, why we are feeling so hot and lazy in summer and many more things needs a detailed discussion.

APN in its popular show Mudda, will discuss over all such issues with anchorperson Akshay along with Environmentalist Vikrant Tongar, Jagdish Bawla, BJP leader Sanjay Singh, APN consultant Govind pant Raju, Environmentalist Ridhi Gaur, Environmentalist Navneet Pandey

Tongar was the first to speak, who said, “People from all around the world are celebrating World Environment Day, but it is notable that the way we are misusing our natural resources will lead to water scarcity, we will have face the worst of air pollution and other natural calamities.”

Bawala said, “One cannot blame government for everything, it is our duty as well to look after our society, we can also plant a sapling on our own, we need not blame others, but one should do their work first as an honest citizen and should behave as a good human being.”

Gaur said, “Nobody is performing their duty with honesty, neither the government nor the public, Government shows data on paper, but the trees are not seen accordingly, even we can also plant a sapling, we can also take care of the environment by not wasting water, we must not follow those practices which causes environmental imbalances.”

Sanjay Singh said, “Government is working and are introducing plans for the betterment of environmental conditions but public should also take care of the environment as it their duty as well. Government also needs support from the people as it is a work which needs co-ordination and co-operation.”

Govind said, “If we are talking about Environment and Earth then it is not limited within Indian boundaries, if we will face the natural calamities then other will face too, so there is need of praising government for everything, what is the need of ours is to take proper initiative for the betterment of environment conditions.”

Tongar said, “If we want to keep environment clean and safe then we have to change our habit of wasting water, we need to plant more saplings, we need to co-operate government in their environmental development plans.”

Pandey said, “Everybody think of himself or herself, nobody thinks about the society , people are becoming more selfish, if we really want to see environmental development, then we would have to work on ground level, only speaking will not benefit.”

In an overall discussion it has come to our knowledge that panelists feel that only blaming government will not benefit but people also needs to improve their habit and they should also work to improve the present condition.

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