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Prime Minister Narendra Modi celebrated his 69th birthday today, and many leaders including opposition leaders, wished him. APN’s popular debate Mudda discussed the PM’s achievements and his popularity. Anchorperson Akshay posed the questions to panellists including social worker Gargi Mishra, noted scribes Shekhar Kapoor and Ved Vilas Oniyal and APN consultant Govind Pant Raju.

Kapoor said: “In the last six years, this is the first time we get to see a leader who is talking both of the ground and the moon, from Swacchh Bharat to Chandrayan. At the international level earlier, Indian governments were seen as meek; that is no longer the situation.”

Raju said: “There is no second opinion that today Modi is among the world’s biggest leaders. US, that once censored Modi when he was CM, welcomed him warmly when he became PM. Among earlier leaders, Nehru was known as Chacha Nehru lovingly, Vajpyee was also a hugely loved leader. But Modi has had a different career. Using his oratory skills, he has tried to impress all, including foreign nations. He has tied to connect his own dream with all and sundry.”

Oniyal said: “PM Modi has used his oratorial skills to the best. He appears to be genuinely thinking about the country all the time. His plans have involved each and every individual. His biggest achievement has been in the international sphere. Even Muslim nations are rallying behind him. He comes across as a social prime minister.”

Mishra said: “My congratulations to PM Modi on his birthday. He is a leader who knows the pulse of the people, especially the poor and the downtrodden.”

Kapoor said: “Over the years, Modi’s stature has been growing. He has done a lot for people of all strata and also shows he has family values. On each birthday, he visits his mother, and emphasises family values. He has been connecting with children and youth. In his Mann ki Baat programme, he talks about the problems of the youth and kids, and on national days, connects with children openly. Earlier, it was considered that Muslims will be against him, but many Muslim nations have welcomed him warmly.”

Raju said: “He is well established as a truly national leader. He is as popular in America as he is with Russia. This is his personality trait, to take along with him as many as possible.”

Oniyal said: “Earlier, Modi was criticised for his international tours. New India includes the efforts of all sectors, the IT sector, industry, easy of doing business, and many other leaders in various fields. But it is Modi who is taking the message of a new India on foreign shores.”

Mishra said: “Modi looks like he wants to learn from wherever and whoever. His thirst to move ahead infuses all with positive energy.”

Raju said: “Modi has the ability to take out-of-the-box decisions. Like reaching gas to the poor and needy and many more such measures have helped to increase his popularity.”


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