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Ahead of polls in five states, politicians are seen crossing limits, making irrelevant and abusive statement is very common during political campaigns. Cast based politics is also being witnessed.

Two major parties namely BJP and Congress are trying their level best to prove themselves in the polls and for that; they are ready to ‘do or die’. Leaders of both the parties are frequently passing irrelevant comments on their rivals.

Well, how it will affect the polls is a big question to be discussed and APN in its popular show’ Mudda’ has selected the same issue for debate with anchor person Anant Tyagi along with Afzal Abbas(JDU),Saif Khan, leader (Congress),Senior journalist Tapan Bharati, APN consultant Govind Pant Raju, SP leader Manoj Yadav, BJP leader Shaina NC

Tapan Bharati, was the first to start the debate, saying “The main thing which is to be discussed in any political campaign is about the progress, economic development and other important issues but it was not seen anywhere during the campaigns. On the other hand, politicians were seen playing games in the name of cast and creed, which is shameful.”

BJP leader Shaina NC was the second to speak, who started saying “The voters wants only development, they have nothing to do with any leaders’ cast or status. So, it’s very important to keep our focus on the progress of voters instead of following vote bank policy.”

Congress leader Saif Khan, then started saying “BJP leader Subramanian Swamy was heard saying that cast is a major factor which is considered apart from development, and UP CM Yogi Adityanath shares the same opinion by asking Congress President Rahul Gandhi’s ‘gotra’. He also added that “Rahul Gandhi is always targeted for visiting temples by BJP which doesn’t make any sense”

Answering to the question over CP Joshi’s statement, JDU leader Afzal Abbas says“Be it Congress or BJP, none has the right to talk about anybody’s religion. Being a CM, Yogi Adityanath’s asking Rahul Gandhi’s ‘gotra’ is unacceptable.”

SP leader Manoj Yadav started saying “No doubt, BJP is playing its own agenda and Congress is responding to the same. Be it Rahul Gandhi’s visiting temple or Yogi Ji’s asking his ‘gotra’ all comes under ‘political agenda’.

Govind Pant Raju responded to what Manoj Yadav said. He said “I disagree with what SP leader said. India is still a democratic country and no party has dared to do what Manoj Yadav claims. Talking over the developmental issues he said “Political parties have distracted from progressive talks and seen making false claims and manifesto.”

Answering to the ‘cast politics’ statement Shaina NC said “Congress leaders had no right to say anything about PM Modi’s parents but they did it. They were heard saying controversial statements about PM Modi and their parents and BJP in return responded them in their own way.”

Manoj Yadav was seen targeting BJP over Yogi Adityanath’s ‘gotra’ statement and said “BJP is never ready to accept its mistakes and always turns thing as per their agenda.” The leader somehow shares the same opinion as Congress, if one talks about BJP.

Congress leader Saif Khan was seen covering Raj Babbar’s statement and said “Raj Babbar ji just made a general statement, was giving an example but BJP leader turned it to an otherwise statement”

After listening to all the guests it comes to the knowledge that party members are seen defending their leaders and they are not ready to accept the allegations made by their counterparts.

   Compiled by-Dhiraj Kumar 

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