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Friday’s edition of Mudda discussed unproductive session of the parliament, shortest discussion on budget since 2007, NDA decision of not taking salary

The second budget session of the parliament was adjourned because of the disruptions made by the Opposition party. Both the Opposition and the government blamed each other for the unproductive session. Amidst the chaos, no legislation could be passed in the parliament. A political gimmick or not, the NDA has decided that its ministers will not take their salaries for the 23 days of this session. However, this decision is being opposed by NDA allies such as Shiv Sena and BJP MP Subramanian Swamy.

The parliament session that started on March 5 is about to end; yet no significant bills have been discussed or passed in this session. The session that ended on Friday was the least productive session of the last 18 years. The budget of Rs 24 lakh crore was also passed without proper discussion.

Vice-president Venkaiah Naidu rebuked parliamentarians for their unruly behaviour. The NDA allies are divided on the matter of not taking salary for the days the parliament was adjourned. Shiv Sena MP Arvind Sawant protested saying that his party was not consulted before taking this decision. Moreover, Shiv Sena had not created any ruckus in the parliament and it was the responsibility of the government to run the parliament.

The show was anchored by Anant Tyagi. The panellists were Congress spokesperson Ghanendra Bhardwaj, BJP spokesperson Ashok Thakur, political analyst Ravindra Singh and APN Consulting Editor Govind Pant Raju.

Bhardwaj said that the opposition had sent several notices to the chairman; however, none of them was heard. He said that the close relatives of BJP leaders were involved in some of the major scams that were unfolding and these people are leaving the country. The opposition has sought a discussion on these relevant matters but is being constantly denied a hearing. “The public should come to know what’s happening in the country,” said Bhardwaj.

However, his BJP counterpart denied these allegations saying that the Congress never raised the allegations that it usually levels at BJP outside the parliament, the reason being that then it would come on record and the party will not be able to prove anything.

“The underlying fact here is that the Congress is levelling allegations just for the sake of doing it; however it lacks the facts to prove its point in the parliament, therefore it has never ever tried to raise the issue inside the House,” said Thakur.

Ravindra Singh said that the responsibility lies equally on both sides because given the number of days that the parliament has remained unproductive, a talk should have been long initiated by responsible leaders on both sides. Neither the government showed any interest nor was there any willingness to participate from the Opposition’s side either. Singh also made a very valid point saying: “This is a waste of public resources as the very same parties which cannot come on the same page right now come to consensus when the issue is of raising salaries and allowances of parliamentarians.”

—Compiled by Lilly Paul

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